The Tourist episode three review

The Tourist episode three review: 10 questions we have after watching explosive episode!

Jamie Dornan stars as mystery man Elliot

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The Tourist continued this week with episode three, and it was another nail-biting episode – so here’s our review!

After watching the explosive drama on Sunday night (January 09 2022), we still have more questions than answers about mysterious Elliot.

Not to mention the man – or men or women – trying to kill him.

Here’s 10 burning questions we have after watching episode three of the brilliant series.

(And frankly, we’re surprised we narrowed it down to 10!)

***Warning: spoilers from episode three of The Tourist ahead***

The Tourist episode three review
The Tourist episode three review: Shalom Brune-Franklin as Luci, and Jamie Dornan as Elliot in the great BBC drama (Credit: BBC One)

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Who is Kosta and what is his beef with Elliot Stanley?

Kosta appears to be a shadowy figure with a vested interest in Elliot.

We know Kosta likes to hunt wild boar.

We know he once “scrabbled around in the sewers of Athens”.

But now he seems far from poor.

He lives in luxury, is driven around in a posh car, and has staff working for him.

We also know that he has beef with Elliot Stanley – but why?

Our guess is that Kosta is the man trying to kill Elliot.

We just need to know why now!

The Tourist episode three review: Who did Elliot kill and why was the man after him?

Elliot (Jamie Dornan) himself seems far from innocent.

Luci, if she is to be trusted (probably not), has told Elliot he killed a man who broke into their hotel room.

She told him that by killing the intruder, Elliot had “made some bad people angry”.

So who was the man Elliot killed, and why was he in their bedroom?

We need answers!

The Tourist episode three review
Ólafur Darri Ólafsson stars as violent psychopath Billy in The Tourist (Credit: BBC One)

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Who was the man buried alive and what is his connection to Elliot?

Meanwhile, Elliot and Luci were unable to save the man trapped underground.

As if being buried alive in the sweltering heat wasn’t horrendous enough, a scorpion dropped on him from a height.

We’re not sure we’ll ever sleep soundly again.

But who was the man, why was he buried alive, and how was Elliot involved?

The Tourist episode three review: Who was Elliot before he met Luci?

He now know how and when Elliot met Luci.

But when Elliot asked Luci where he’d been before meeting her in Bali, she had no answers.

She explained that Elliot didn’t like to talk about himself.

Anybody else hear some LOUD alarm bells?

We want to know why Elliot is so far from home, why no one is missing him, and who he was before all this drama started!

The Tourist
Alex Dimitriades as Kosta in The Tourist – but who is he exactly? (Credit: BBC One)

Is Billy impossible to kill?

Billy has to be one of the most chilling villains we’ve come across in a long time.

And he seems to be impossible to kill.

He’s been shot, stabbed, pummelled and thrown down a well – but still managed to crawl out of it alive like a larger-than-life cockroach.

And, while we’re on the subject of Billy, we can’t help wondering what his mum REALLY did for a living?

The Tourist episode three review: Who is the lady in Elliot’s dream?

Elliot is haunted by dreams of a dark-haired woman standing by a window.

He claims not to remember who she is.

The mysterious woman seems to be calm, and smiling at Elliot in a reassuring way.

Could it be Elliot’s mum, sister, or even his lover?

The Tourist episode three
Danielle Macdonald as Helen in The Tourist (Credit: BBC One)

When will Helen see sense and dump Ethan?

We can’t be the only viewers who want to see Ethan thrown down a well, too?

Or even better, buried alive with a scorpion.

He’s passive aggressive, controlling and not good enough for the lovely Helen!

To top it all off, the stupid moron gave Billy everything he needed to track down his wife and do her harm.

Please Helen, see sense and dump that lump!

The Tourist episode three review: Why does Sue look so familiar?

The mostly Australian cast includes actress Genevieve Lemon as Sue.

Soap fans might recognise Genevieve as Brenda Riley in Neighbours, and Hazel Easton in Home and Away.

She’s a well known and popular actress Down Under.

DAMON HERRIMAN as Lachlan in The Tourist
Damon Herriman as detective Lachlan in The Tourist (Credit: BBC One)

Will Elliot and Luci meet again?

During episode three, Elliot and Luci decided to part ways.

After reigniting their old passions, Luci did a U-turn and told Elliot she couldn’t help him anymore.

Something tells us the pair will meet again – but whether they’ll be on the same side remains to be seen.

The Tourist episode three review: Why did Billy call Luci Victoria?

At the explosive end of episode three, unkillable Billy is waiting for Luci in her home – armed and dangerous.

But they clearly already knew each other…

So how do Billy and Luci know each other? And why did Billy call her Victoria and not Luci?

Which makes us wonder how Luci/Victoria even knew Elliot had been in an accident…?

Was it Billy who told her in the first place?

All will be revealed (we hope) in episode four of the BBC One drama!

The Tourist continues on Sundays at 9pm on BBC One. The entire series is available to binge in BBC iPlayer.

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