Captain Crozier ate Goodsir's feet in The Terror

The Terror on BBC Two: Viewers grossed out as character eats dead man’s FEET in series finale

Goodsir's feet were served up for dinner... ew!

The Terror on BBC Two grossed-out viewers during its series finale after a character ate the FEET of another dead man.

Based on a true story, the 10-episode chiller ended in sensational – if stomach-churning – style.

And it didn’t take long for viewers to register their own horror at some of the scenes.

Hickey in The Terror
Hickey and his men resorted to cannibalism (Credit: BBC)

What was The Terror on BBC Two all about?

The series told the story of two ships voyaging to unchartered land in Canada in the mid-19th century.

The crews’ mission was to navigate the Northwest Passage, somewhere no ship had been before.

However, after becoming trapped in ice the crews of both ships were stalked by a mythical beast.

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And, as the months and years went by, food supplies ran out and madness set in.

So much so that the men were soon at war with each other, and divided into separate factions.

As things got desperate, one faction began to eat the bodies of men who had died.

Captain Crozier ate Goodsir's feet in The Terror
Captain Crozier had a munch on his mate (Credit: BBC)

What happened in the final episode?

And, in the final episode, fan favourite Harry Goodsir took the final revenge on Cornelius Hickey in order to save his captain, Crozier.

Knowing that Hickey’s men would eat his body if he died, he poisoned himself.

But before he died, he instructed Captain Crozier to only eat the soles of his feet if he was any of his body parts for dinner.

Sure enough, after he died, Goodsir’s body was served for dinner.

Hickey insisted his enemy, Captain Crozier, eat some pieces of his friend.

Taking Goodsir’s advice, viewers were horrified as they saw Crozier cut off a slice of Goodsir’s foot and gingerly chewed the morsel down.

How did viewers react?

Viewers took to Twitter to register their shock and horror at the scene.

One said: “I gagged, not because he was eating human flesh, but foot skin! #TheTerror”

Another wrote: “Dear God, #TheTerror is horrific. I can barely watch.”

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A third viewer joked: “Just occurred to me.

“I hope Goodsir did not have athelete’s foot #TheTerror.”

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