What do fans of The Teacher think about Pauline after the big twist in episode 3

The Teacher viewers’ obsession with Pauline is out of control after episode 3

We don't know what to think about Pauline now!

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The Teacher episode 3 (Wednesday February 2) finally revealed who’s been setting Jenna up – Pauline’s fella, Brian!

And this development is blowing viewers’ minds. Pauline is supposed to be Jenna’s best friend. Is she in on it, too? Is she clueless about Brian’s bad behaviour?

Fans of the Channel 5 hit can’t agree…

What do fans of The Teacher think about Pauline after the big twist in episode 3
Pauline in The Teacher (Credit: Channel 5)

What happened in episode 3 of The Teacher?

After Jenna realised at the end of episode 2 that she hadn’t slept with pupil Kyle, she was on a mission to find out what really happened that night.

First she discovered that her colleague/lover Jack had actually picked her up from the club – and then learned that the offensive emails she’d been sent were from pupil Izzy, Kyle’s girlfriend.

When she received offensive images on an old school brochure from her former workplace Hillsden, she spotted a suspicious-looking man.

Later in the episode, Kyle visited the man he’d been working with to set Jenna up – and he was then revealed to be Brian, Pauline’s partner. The same man in the brochure!

Whose side is Pauline on in The Teacher?

Some viewers think that Brian is actually Kyle’s father and is in some way connected to Jenna’s dad too. And that the only reason he got involved with Pauline was to get close enough for revenge.

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Others think that Pauline is fully aware of who her new boyfriend is and is actively helping him exact revenge on Jenna after she caused him to lose his job.

Others just can’t seem to decide!


Pauline in The Teacher is definitely acting strangely!

Yet more viewers have found Pauline something of a distraction… is she behaving oddly because she’s scared of Brian or is the role just badly acted?!

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The Teacher concludes tonight (Thursday, Feb 3) at 9pm on Channel 5

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