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The Syndicate criticised by viewers over ‘offensive fat-shaming stereotypes’

The BBC One series continued last night

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The Syndicate has been criticised by viewers following a series of “offensive fat-shaming jibes”.

The current season of the popular Kay Mallor comedy drama sees a group of kennel workers head to the South of France.

However, fans of the show picked up on a number of weight related “jibes” during last night’s episode (April 13).

The Syndicate has been criticised for its ‘offensive fat-shaming jibes’ (Credit: BBC One)

What happened on The Syndicate?

It appears the comments were aimed towards the character of Gemma Hepworth.

During the episode, the lovable character – played by actress Liberty Hobbs – joined her kennel colleagues in a bid to track Frank (Neil Morrissey).

At one point, Gemma was seen eyeing up a selection of delicious cakes before complaining about walking up the stairs.

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Meanwhile, in another scene, she complained her blood sugar levels were low.

Gemma added: “I need to eat something!”

But the subtle comments didn’t sit well with some viewers.

The group attempted to hunt down Frank (Credit: BBC One)

How did viewers react?

Some fans accused the show of “fat-shaming” the character.

Taking to Twitter, one said: “Trying my hardest to enjoy #TheSyndicate but the amount of weight related comments they’ve given the ‘plus size’ girl is gross.

“It’s not a personality trait, why is every line she says referencing food/her weight? Pretty grim.”

There’s been many fat jokes and jibes referred to her character

In addition, the viewer added: “Anything she ever gets to say is about her weight. Whoever wrote this show clearly thinks anyone over a size 12 has nothing other than food to talk about.”

A second agreed: “So glad I’m not the only one irritated by this. Had to switch it off as it was winding me up.”

Another pointed out: “BBC’s The Syndicate is 3 hour-long episodes in, and we have a token fat character. She has the least screen time of all main characters and there’s been many fat jokes and jibes referred to her character. I’m so exhausted.”

‘Cheap jibes and fat-shaming stereotypes’

A third complained: “Cheap jibes and fat-shaming stereotypes.”

Furthermore, a fourth claimed: “The room service scene today is the most we’ve seen of her and they still managed to top it off with a fat joke. It’s rather embarrassing I pay license money for writers to come up with this.”

Meanwhile, one viewer labelled the scenes “offensive”.

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They said: “Of course there’s GOT to be a fat lass wanting to eat all the time. In fact, there’s a whole lot of this which is downright offensive.”

Another tweeted: “What’s with all the stereotyping of the girl who was always hungry and thinking of food?!”

ED! has contacted BBC for comment.

The Syndicate series four airs every Tuesday on BBC One at 9pm.

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