Rose looking sad on BBC drama The Split and James on his bike

The Split: Confused fans call out plot hole in the wake of James’ death

He was knocked off his bike and killed in episode one

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The Split fans spotted a huge plot hole as episode two aired on BBC One last night (April 11).

Last night’s episode of The Split opened with the Defoe family cleaning up after James’ funeral.

Of course, he tragically died in a cycling accident at the end of the first episode, living wife Rose distraught.

Rose riding James' bike on BBC drama The Split
Rose was seen riding James’ bike around town in The Split last night (Credit: BBC)

The Split fans spot plot hole in BBC drama

Away from the Hannah and Nathan drama last night, viewers watched as Rose went to collect her late husband’s belongings.

This included his mobile phone – with that message from Nathan – and the bike that he was riding when he was knocked down and killed.

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While some said that it was doubtless a tough situation for poor Rose to be in, others pointed out what they saw as a bit of an error on the BBC’s part.

The bike, which had been hit by a van, killing James, appeared pretty much unscathed.

Not only could viewers not seen any visible damage, the bike appeared to be working so well that it was still roadworthy.

And, not only that, Rose was able to ride it around town, heading to the place her hubby was killed before playing him her last voicemail message to him.

Fans react to ‘titanium’ bike

Fans of The Split were quick to joke that James’ bike was perhaps made of “titanium”.

James’ bike must’ve been made out of titanium in #TheSplit,” joked one.

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Strange how the bike was so easily rideable post fatal accident!?” said another.

Strange how the bike was so easily rideable post fatal accident!?

A third asked: “How was that bike still rideable?”

“It wouldn’t be,” came one reply.

That bike looks good having been part of a fatality,” another agreed.

Where can I watch The Split?

The Split airs weekly on Mondays at 9pm on BBC One.

Or you can watch the whole thing now on iPlayer.

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