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The Sister reviews: Viewers reveal their theories after Bob admits killing Elise

Viewers learned more about what happened to Elise

The Sister continued last night and delivered a big twist in the story of guilt-riddled Nathan and his involvement in his wife’s sister’s death.

In the third episode of the ITV drama, which aired on Wednesday evening (October 28), viewers learned a huge detail about what happened to Elise that night in the woods with Bob (Bertie Carvel) and Nathan (Russell Tovey).

The Sister continued on ITV last night, delivering a bombshell twist at the end (Credit: ITV)

What was the twist in episode three of The Sister?

At the end of episode three, Nathan discovered – after breaking into Bob’s house – that his old acquaintance had purposely killed Elise.

Paranormal expert Bob, as viewers saw in flashbacks in episodes two and three, had driven into the woods with Nathan and Elise after a New Year’s Eve party. He gave them drugs before insisting he had to go and relieve himself.

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They did the drugs and got frisky in the back of the car in Bob’s absence, but when Elise started acting peculiarly, she hit her head in a brief scuffle with Nathan – and died.

Years later, in present day, Bob admitted to murdering Elise for the purposes of proving the existence of ghosts.

The Sister Bob voice
In The Sister, Bob revealed his intention was to kill Elise (Credit: ITV)

How did ITV viewers react to the twist about Bob?

The twist left some viewers stunned, while others seemed to think it was a little far-fetched and others called it “predictable”.

One said: “What a predictable, long drawn-out waste of three hours #TheSister.”

Another wrote: “To prove a theory of a ghost story Bob killed her. Are you [bleeping] me? #thesister.”

A third said dubiously, using a wonky-face emoji: “Bob wanted to make his ‘own’ ghost…”

Someone else said, using a GIF of someone saying ‘sorry, I just can’t’: “So Bob ‘nudged things along’ so Elise would die just so he could ‘create a ghost’.”

The Sister viewers question drugs ‘plot hole’

Others spotted a potential plot hole. If Bob’s plan was to give Elise dangerous drugs so she would die, how did he know the substance wouldn’t also kill Nathan?

Or was that his plan? Some viewers suggested it wasn’t the drugs that killed her. Instead, they think Bob did it while Nathan was standing out of the way, distraught over what had happened. Although that doesn’t explain her freaking out!

How did Bob know that Elise would take the drugs and not Nathan?

“How did Bob know that Elise would take the dodgy gear first and demand sex?” said one. “Cuda had two stiffs in the back of his motor!”

“How did Bob know that Elise would take the drugs and not Nathan?” someone else asked.

One viewer tweeted: “I don’t think the drugs killed her, I think they caused her to fit, and Bob took the opportunity to smash her head in when he sent Nathan to stand out of the way!”

Is Nathan a ghost haunting Bob?

Elsewhere, viewers shared their theories on what exactly is happening, and a common thread seems to be the idea that one or more of the supposedly living characters are actually ghosts, much like in the film The Sixth Sense.

Some think Nathan could be dead and haunting Bob, as one tweeted: “Nathan is dead too and is haunting Bob… Nathan isn’t married to the sister… That’s my theory.”

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Others wondered if Bob might be dead, with one writing: “#TheSister on ITV is giving me the right creeps still.. I had a feeling that Bob was actually dead!?”

Some thought the ghost might be Holly (Amrita Acharia), who is Elise’s sister and Nathan’s wife. “My guess now is that Nathan’s wife Holly is a ghost,” one tweet read, adding: “There was only ever one sister #TheSister.”

The Sister also showed part of the day Nathan married Holly (Credit: ITV)

Is Holly involved in the ‘haunting’?

Other viewers think there’s more to Holly than meets the eye, with some suggesting that she could be in on it in some way.

“Is Holly in on it and pretending to be her sister when seen?” said one viewer.

“Maybe Holly is Elise and the family are all in it together!” another wrote. “Weird but anything is possible with this [bleep] #TheSister.”

The Sister concludes tonight (October 29) on ITV at 9pm.

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