The Sister reviews laughed at Bertie Carvel as Bob

The Sister reviews: Viewers threaten to switch off over ‘confusing’ plot and ‘mumbling’ characters

The Russell Tovey drama divided viewers with its opening episode.

The ITV drama debuted on Monday night (October 26) and while some of The Sister reviews were glowing, others weren’t so convinced.

After weeks of hype, the nation sat down to see what all the fuss was about and while some are clamouring for  episode 2, others decided to switch off altogether before the end.

Russell Tovey and Bertie Carvel star in The Sister
The Sister divided viewers with its first episode (Credit: ITV)

What is The Sister about?

When Bob (Bertie Carvel) turns up on the doorstep of Nathan (Russell Tovey) his life is thrown upside down.

Nathan has spent a decade trying to atone for the part he played in the death of a young woman named Elise (Simone Ashley).

However, when Bob arrives on Nathan’s doorstep he appears surprised to discover that he has inexplicably married Elise’s sister.

Did Nathan kill her? What does Bob have to do with it? All will be revealed in the remaining episodes…

Some viewers complained the show was too confusing (Credit: ITV)

What did viewers say about The Sister Episode 1?

The chilling drama comes from the masterminds behind massively popular series Luther, so expectations were already high to start with.

The first episode left many at home with a case of the willies. Some applauded the “strong” performances from the cast, while others loved the “eerie” atmosphere.

However, not everyone was left satisfied and Twitter was littered with niggles and complaints when the first episode drew to a close.

The Sister is airing over the course of the week (Credit: ITV)

Confusing plot structure

Viewers rushed to social media in droves to complain that they were completely in the dark as to what was actually going on.

The non-linear structure of the plot had some reaching for the rewind button to get to grips with the story, while others threatened to switch off entirely.

The Sister’s mysterious plot didn’t appeal to everyone (Credit: ITV)

Mumbling characters

While the plot may have been confusing to some, others were having a hard time following the first episode for an altogether different reason.

Russell Tovey’s character had a tendency to “mumble,” and it was making may viewers reach for their volume button in a bit to understand what he was supposed to be saying.

However, others hinted that it may be the actor’s accent causing issues.

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Some viewers complained that Bob looked like a poor man’s version of Fagin (Credit: ITV)

Who plays Bob and why does he look like Fagin from Oliver Twist?

Bob is the show’s integral shifty character, and his creepiness is crucial to keeping fans hooked on the story.

However, his styling left many viewers with the giggles instead of giving them the creeps.

Lots of fans felt like whoever came up with the character was no doubt a big fan of Oliver Twist character Fagin. As a result, many were left laughing rather than cowering.

To make matters worse, others went so far as to suggest TOWIE star Pete Wicks had bagged himself the role.

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Fans poked fun at the lighting on social media (Credit: ITV)

Can’t somebody turn on a light?

Despite the show being set in modern times, seemingly none of the characters knew what a light switch is!

Due to this, a handful of fans say that the show was simply too dark to watch.

– The Sister episode 2 airs on ITV on Tuesday, October 27. 

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