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The Sister reviews: Funniest tweets about Bob and that ridiculous voice

Bertie Carvel is a masterclass in irritating characters

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And so we’ve arrived at episode four of The Sister. The final one. If you’ve made it this far, congratulations! Lesser beings have fallen throughout the week.

But three hours invested, what’s another one wasted?

If you missed the first three parts, the chances are you won’t be reading this article anyway. And actually, we’d be wasting our words and your time trying to properly explain the plot.

Bob in The Sister voice
Bob and that voice in The Sister have kept viewers more gripped than the plot (Credit: ITV)

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Most of us are still utterly clueless. But here it is in a nutshell: there’s a mumbling man… another man obsessed with ghosts… a dead girl… and her sister who’s married to the mumbling man.

There’s been a murder by the ghost obsessive to prove his point that ghouls do exist. Far-fetched maybe, but this is ITV, so let’s go with it.

Anyway, we’ve fallen off topic. It’s creepy ghost man Bob (Doctor Foster’s Bertie Carvel) and his pants-pushing-his-balls-where-the-sun-don’t-shine voice that have really captured viewers. (How deep is his ghost love?)

Here’s a round-up celebrating the funniest tweets and memes about Bob you can read in the ad break. Or later.

Yes, just you, but props to your glass half-full attitude to life.

Well, he could’ve called… but Nathan’s mobile lost signal. In the same woods where Elise’s didn’t. Hmmm.

Dunno. But, Minions. Got to love a Minions tweet…

Little bit. Beckham makes up for it in other ways… and there are always ear plugs.

Fagin? Oliver Twist? Original.

Controversial! Person on Twitter finds Nathan more annoying? Must be fishing for fights.

He wishes. Bob, no one likes you. Your hair’s rubbish and your coat stinks.

Benny Hill? Harry Enfield? Not sure, don’t care, the kettle’s just boiled.

See above. Go away, Bob, you attention-seeking mothball hostel.

He may see dead people. We definitely don’t see series two.

Done in the worst possible taste.

THE Bob that really will give you nightmares. And ruin ceiling-based air con and your own father for you for the rest of your life.

Go stream Twin Peaks. So good, we’d actually suggest paying for it.

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