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The Sister reviews: Five burning questions ahead of episode three

Is everything really as it seems?

Now two episodes in, ITV’s latest thriller, The Sister, has had mixed reviews.

For those still sticking with it, the four-part drama, starring Russell Tovey and Bertie Carvel, is proving to be an atmospheric and creepy story.

In it, Russell plays nervous Nathan, who may or may not have murdered his wife’s sister Elise.

As the story continued last night, it left us with more questions than answers.

Was Elise murdered? (Credit: ITV)

What happened to Elise in The Sister?

Last night we saw Nathan chatting to Elise after the New Year’s Eve party in the woods.

Nathan was merrily flirting with Elise – someone who he was making eyes at during the party.

But during their chat and walk in the woods, Bob came out of nowhere and offered them a lift to a nearby hostelry.

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Together in the car, Bob offered them both drugs.

And that’s where we left things in that part of the story. So what did happen to Elise in that car?

Bob in The Sister voice
Bobl loves talking about ghosts (Credit: ITV)

Are there ghosts in The Sister?

As we know by now, Bob is obsessed with the paranormal, and when Elise mentioned that the woods are haunted by ‘The Grey Lady’ his ears pricked up.

Earlier at the party, Bob told Nathan about 80 per cent of the recently bereaved experience post bereavement hallucinatory experience.

“Eight out of 10 people will see the ghost of a person they lost – their mother, their father, their wife, their child.

“They could be experiencing an objective phenomenon or something purely psychological, or something in between.”

With all the paranormal chit-chat, we were left wondering whether Elise is a ghost, or whether someone else is.

Could there be more to Holly than we first thought? (Credit: ITV)

What’s the deal with Holly’s family?

“We’re not a normal family,” Holly told Nathan when he came round during an impromptu visit.

Viewers are speculating whether there’s more to Holly than meets the eye.

In episode two we saw her be hours late for an important dinner date with Nathan, and she’s putting up a lot of pictures on the wall of her late sister.

Could Holly have played a larger part in her sister’s death?

Jacki has her eyes on Nathan (Credit: ITV)

When will Jacki find out the truth?

We saw detective Jacki Bradley in a flashback interviewing Nathan in the immediate aftermath of Elise’s disappearance.

Fast forward to Holly’s engagement party, and Jacki went cold when she met Nathan for the first time.

So much so, she warned him never to hurt Holly.

In the present day, when Holly told Jacki about Bob and how Nathan was acting strangely the copper put two and two together.

Now Jacki’s on the trail, it can only be a matter of time until the truth comes out.

Why did Nathan marry Holly?

It’s still the question on everyone’s lips: if Nathan and Bob did do away with her sister, Elise, why did Nathan marry Holly?

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Yes, we’ve asked this question before but we still don’t have the answers… yet.

The Sister continues on ITV tonight (Wednesday October 28) at 9pm

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