The Sinner is back on Netflix but what happened in season 3?

The Sinner season 3 recap: What happened and who starred in the Netflix crime drama?

Time to catch up before you binge series four

The Sinner season 3 was a humdinger, and it’s back on Netflix with its fourth series.

Starring Bill Pullman, it has enthralled viewers over three series so far… and now we have an equally intriguing fourth to look forward to.

So as you’re just about to delve into that new fourth series, it’s time to take a look back.

Here’s everything you need to know about what happened in season 3.

The Sinner is back on Netflix but what happened in season 3?
Bill Pullman as Harry (Credit: Netflix)

The Sinner season 3 recap: What happened?

The Sinner is an anthology series eating Bill’s ageing and traumatised detective, Harry Ambrose.

In the first series, he investigates what looks like a clear-cut case.

Affluent mother Cora Tannetti (Jessica Biel) suddenly and brutally stabs a random man on a crowded beach.

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In series two, a young boy appears to have poisoned his parents. But why?

That’s what Harry has to find out in these cases – what looks like an open-and-shut investigation always leads to more.

The Sinner is back on Netflix but what happened in season 3?
Jamie became a nightmare for Harry (Credit: Netflix)

The Sinner season 3 recap: Who are Nick Haas and Jamie Burns?

In series three, Harry is called to the scene of a traffic accident where the driver is killed.

Nick Haas is the name of the deceased, and Jamie Burns – the passenger and the person who called it in – is the survivor.

Sure enough, Jamie claims that it was an accident.

We then see a flashback to earlier on that same night. An affluent college professor, Jamie and wife Leela live in the suburbs, with Leela pregnant.

However, their dinner is interrupted by Nick, who turns up out of the blue and reveals himself to be an old university pal of Jamie’s.

Leela senses tension between the two, and as they sit and have dinner together Nick becomes more and more confrontational.

The Sinner is back on Netflix but what happened in season 3?
Creepy Nick in series three (Credit: Netflix)

Obsession and murder

After Nick’s death, Harry finds that Nick didn’t just turn up out of the blue at Jamie’s place that night.

They met only weeks before.

And upon further investigation, he sees that Nick and Jamie have a dangerous friendship that was forged during their university days.

They were disciples of the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche and his notorious Übermensch concept – a superior man of the future who could impose his own values.

Egging each other on to do more and more dangerous dares, an increasingly unhinged Jamie then latches on to Harry and becomes obsessed.

Suddenly they’re involved in a deadly cat-and-mouse game, with Jamie stalking Harry and intent on destroying everything Harry holds dear.

That means members of Harry’s family, and his new girlfriend, artist Sonya.

And there’s more jeopardy when Jamie starts to groom one of his students in the same philosophies he and Nick got into.

We also find out how – or who – killed Nick. It looked like an accident, but things are never as they seem in The Sinner.

The Sinner is back on Netflix but what happened in season 3?
Jessica Hecht as Sonya (Credit: Netflix)

Who starred in The Sinner season 3?

Bill Pullman returned in his role as the troubled Harry Ambrose.

But in this series – like other anthology series – there’s a new batch of characters to get to know.

The unhinged Nick Haas is played by Chris Messina, while his old Nietzsche-loving buddy Jamie Burns is played by Matt Bomer.

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Matt made his name in US thriller series White Collar, and previously appeared in series five of American Horror Story and also the recent reboot of comedy Will & Grace.

Elsewhere, Parisa Fitz-Henley plays Jamie’s wife Leela, and Leslie Fray plays Harry’s daughter Melanie.

Sonya, who also appears in series four, is played by Jessica Hecht – who you may remember as Susan in Friends.

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