The Repair Shop, tram seat episode

The Repair Shop: Tram seat episode has viewers in bits

Hardly a dry eye in the house

The Repair Shop viewers were in pieces over a tram seat that meant a lot to one 93-year-old woman.

Wednesday (July 29) evening’s episode of the BBC show featured Dora and her daughter Julia, who brought in a seat from an old Salford tram.

The piece belonged to Dora’s parents, who had it in their garden. After Dora’s dad died, it was a source of comfort to her mum, who would seat on the seat and speak to people as they passed her home.

The Repair Shop tram seat
The tram seat episode of The Repair Shop featured Julia and her mum, Dora (Credit: BBC)

What happened with tram seat on The Repair Shop?

Dora said on the programme: “They used it an awful lot. Loved it. And then my father died and my mother found great comfort in this, because she used to sit on it and as people passed by, they’d talk and chat to her. And stop her being lonely.

“We had it in our front garden until she died, and the house was emptied.”

When the restored seat was revealed, Dora welled with gratitude.

The Repair Shop tram seat
The tram seat had belonged to Dora’s parents (Credit: BBC)

“Oh, that takes me back to the ’30s and the ’40s,” she said, beaming. “Thank you so much. That is absolutely beautiful. I can’t believe it, it’s so beautiful.”

Sitting on it, she told them: “Oh I absolutely adore it. You’ve made an old lady very happy.

The Repair Shop tram seat
On The Repair Shop, Dora welled with gratitude when she saw the restored seat (Credit: BBC)

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“Beyond my expectations, it really is. I never ever expected to see it brought back to life in my life time. I’m so grateful to [restorer] Dominic for making it so perfect.”

She then told Dominic: “I’ll remember you forever.”

There was hardly a dry eye in the house, as some of The Repair Shop staff were seen wiping away tears.

The Repair Shop tram seat
Her reaction reduced staff and viewers at home to tears (Credit: BBC)

How did viewers react?

And it seems it was the same for viewers at home, who were in tears over Dora’s reaction to the mended tram seat.

One viewer wrote on Twitter: “The old gal with the tram seat done me tonight.”

I’m not crying, you are!

Another said: “OMG I’m gone, the old lady with the tram seat and her appreciation for the finished seat #therepairshop.”

A third tweeted: “I’m not crying, you are! What a lovely lady with her team seat. Well done to @DominicChinea #therepairshop.”

Someone else said: “#therepairshop the only place you cry about a tram seat!”

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A fifth put: “Oh that lovely lady and her tram seat. We are in tears yet again #therepairshop. Well done Dom.”

“Yep, the tram seat has finished me off #therepairshop,” admitted another.

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