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The Repair Shop: Toy car has viewers in tears as owner Pam fulfils promise to late dad

Pam said he dad was her best friend

On The Repair Shop, the owner of a toy car revealed how having it fixed was her way of fulfilling a promise to her late dad.

During Wednesday (March 31) evening’s episode of the often-emotional BBC programme, Pam brought in a little air-powered car that once belonged to her father.

The Repair Shop featured an air-powered toy car (Credit: BBC)

The car on The Repair Shop

Speaking to expert Steve Fletcher, Pam explained that she had made two promises to her father before he died. One was to be with him when he passed away, the other to have his beloved car fixed.

Unfortunately, Pam wasn’t able to be by his side when he died, so she was desperate to grant his other request.

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She said on the programme: “The thing is that before he died, he asked me two things – one was that I be with him when he died, which unfortunately I wasn’t. He didn’t want to die alone. And the other one was, ‘Please try and get my car repaired’.

Owner Pam explained the toy had belonged to her late dad (Credit: BBC)

Pam’s promises to late dad

“And if I could just fulfil one of the promises that I made to my dad.

“As I said, I couldn’t fulfil the other one, which I’ll deeply regret for the rest of my life. But at least I’ll be able to fulfil one.”

This, in a way, says thank you dad, for all those years that you gave me.

The paint work on the car looked okay, but much of the rubber, particularly the wheels, had perished. Pam really wanted to get the air-pump on it working again.

Pam had promised her dad she would get the car fixed (Credit: BBC)

At the end of the episode, Steve revealed the car looking brand new and the pump working once again.

Steve and Pam both had a go of the toy and Pam said: “This, in a way, says thank you dad, for all those years that you gave me. Even as an adult, he was my best friend.”

Restorer Steve got the toy’s air pump working again (Credit: BBC)

What did BBC viewers say?

On Twitter, Pam’s story had viewers in bits.

One said: “What a fantastic #therepairshop tonight, good job I had a box of hankies… the car that Steve got working again was great to see, what a clever man he is after not working on one before. Great show.”

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A second wrote: “Oh, the toy car lady! ‘I know I couldn’t fulfil the other promises I made to my dad’. Her face, and Steve so gracious, ‘It’s been an honour’.”

Someone else tweeted: “It’s that time of the week where you’re in awe of the craftsmanship, but break your heart about the stories behind the repairs.”

Others simply shared crying emojis.

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