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The Repair Shop: Classic grandfather clock episode leaves viewers sobbing

An emotional one

BBC viewers were emotional last night as The Repair Shop took them back to the restoration of a grandfather clock that had its owner in tears.

Wednesday (July 15) evening’s repeat episode saw the team work on an incredible clock that served as an important link with the past to its owner, Christine.

It was her lifelong friend, Karen, who brought it into Jay Blades‘ shop for a makeover at the hands of skilled horologist Steve Fletcher.

The Repair Shop grandfather clock
On The Repair Shop, Karen brought the grandfather clock in for her good friend, Christine (Credit: BBC)

What happened with the grandfather clock on The Repair Shop?

Karen explained: “We’ve known each other for nearly 50 years. [Christine] was orphaned when she was between seven and eight years old. She lived in the convent of the secondary school that I went to, so we became very good friends during that time.

“Our lives have sort of been intertwined, really.

The Repair Shop grandfather clock
Christine was orphaned and associated the clock with happier times (Credit: BBC)

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“This clock is something that was in her family. It was her grandparents’ and every Sunday, it was her treat to wind it up for the week. Probably one of the only things she has from that time in her childhood.

She’s very sad that it’s got to this state. It was something that was obviously never planned. All she knew is that she wasn’t going to let it go.”

It was all a big surprise for Christine, who had only been told it was in the shop and they were hoping to repair it – not that Steve had already restored it.

“It’s very special to me,” Christine said. “I lost my parents when I was a child. And the clock was there, really, when times were happier, I guess.”

When she saw it, she burst into tears and threw her arms around Steve

“Thank you so much,” Christine said. “It looks amazing. That is a thousand times better… I don’t think it was even that good in my granny’s! Just incredible. Thank you so much. It has taken me back to six years old.”

The Repair Shop grandfather clock
She burst into tears when she saw what Steve and the team had done (Credit: BBC)

What’s more, she even got to wind it up again herself, for the first time in decades.

When Christine stepped outside The Repair Shop building, she broke down again and covered her face, while Karen comforted her.

She reflected afterwards: “Very emotional. I just can’t believe how fantastic it looks.”

The Repair Shop grandfather clock
Viewers at home were sobbing as they watched the classic episode (Credit: BBC)

What did viewers say?

Reacting on Twitter, one viewer said: “#therepairshop #bbc is always such an emotional watch. Christine’s reaction to her restored clock.”

Another tweeted, using a tearful emoji: “#therepairshop Awww Christine, I know exactly how you feel.”

A third wrote: “Sobbing over that grandfather clock on @TheRepairShop. Wow, these people are just so talented #TheRepairShop.”

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“Oh my god @TheRepairShop, you’ve done it again,” someone else said. “A grown man crying his eyes out at the reveals of the grandfather clock.”

A fifth tweeted: “Literally sobbing… the grandfather clock! What an incredible job done! @TheRepairShop, such a gorgeous programme, despite making me weep!”

– The Repair Shop is available to watch now on BBC iPlayer

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