the repair shop writing box

The Repair Shop: Writing box reveals truth about owner’s sister and grandparents

He was so grateful to restorer Will Kirk

The Repair Shop featured a writing box last night and viewers were in tears as its owner spoke of the object’s incredible connection to his past.

Wednesday (August 12) evening’s episode of the BBC series featured Alan from Peterborough, who came into the shop with a writing slope that folded into a little wooden box.

the repair shop writing box
The Repair Shop featured a writing slop that folds into a box (Credit: BBC)

What happened with the writing box on The Repair Shop?

He explained that he found it in his sister’s loft after she passed away. And a letter it contained revealed an amazing truth about his family – and the real identity of his sister and grandparents.

Alan said, speaking to restorer Will Kirk: “[It’s] A very poorly writing slope. My sister died in 2006. We cleared her house out, went into the loft. Had another look around, and in the corner of the loft… this box.

the repair shop writing box
Its owner, Alan, said it contained a letter showing his sister was actually his mother (Credit: BBC)

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“So I took it home, opened it up and got the shock of my life.”

He explained: “This letter. Inside was the application for my adoption by what I thought were my parents. In fact, they were my grandparents. And Ethel, my older sister, was actually my mother.

“She never, ever let on.”

Gobsmacked, Will asked: “And you only found out this information because of this? My god.”

the repair shop writing box
He told restorer Will Kirk the letter also showed his ‘parents’ were actually his grandparents (Credit: BBC)

When Will and the show’s star, Jay Blades, showed Alan the restored writing slope, he couldn’t believe it.

“All my Christmases have all come at once,” he said, voice welling with emotion. “It’s like, my link with the past now. Thank you, Will.”

Sobbing already.

He continued: “So pleased that Will has done such a fantastic job. It’s my link, my only link now, with my past.

“When I get home, all the documents and photographs will go back into it. This will take pride of place.”

the repair shop writing box
Alan was so grateful for the restoration work (Credit: BBC)

What did viewers say about it?

Reacting on Twitter, viewers had to admit they didn’t have “many tears left” as Alan and his story – as well as the box’s beautiful restoration – had them feeling emotional.

One said with a crying emoji, “The writing desk” and added in a separate tweet: “Sobbing already over that writing desk #therepairshop.”

the repair shop writing box
Those watching at home were emotional (Credit: BBC)

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Another tweeted, tearfully: “What a story behind the writing box #therepairshop.”

A third put: “Oh god, Alan’s writing box has got me in bits #therepairshop.”

“OMG writing box guy,” said a fourth, adding: “I need ice cream.”

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