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The Repair Shop: Who’s in the cast?

The experts on BBC One's The Repair Shop can mend almost anything

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The Repair Shop on BBC One is the answer to modern ‘throwaway culture’.

Hosted by Jay Blades, a furniture repair expert, the show offers participants the opportunity to have their damaged heirlooms overhauled and restored. 

The show shines a light on all of the ‘gems’ found in homes across Britain and explains how each treasure that’s unearthed can be transformed and repaired.

The series sees DIY experts across the country take on the task of repairing damaged treasures found in junkyards, lofts, and basements.

Where is it filmed?

The BBC One show is filmed in West Sussex. However, the shop is not open to the public.

You can apply to feature in the show by going to the ‘Take Part’ section on the BBC website.

How much does it cost to have an item restored?

Rob Butterfield, head of The Repair Shop’s production company, Ricochet, told the Radio Times “We don’t charge for repairs,”

“If people wish to make a donation to charity we’re very happy with that, but it’s by no means necessary.”

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Who features in the show?

The Repair Shop features a number of different cast members and presenters.

Who is Jay Blades?

Jay Blades hosts The Repair Shop. Jay is a furniture restoration specialist who is originally from Hackney. Now residing in Wolverhampton, Jay has become a fan favourite on the BBC One show.

He has also presented other shows, such as Money for Nothing, and has appeared in Would I Lie To You?, Celebrity Masterchef, and Richard Osman’s House of Games.

The Repair Shop bagpipes
The Repair Shop bagpipes (Credit: BBC)

Who is Will Kirk?

Will Kirk is also a furniture restorer. He studied Graphic Design and Antique Furniture Restoration and Conservation at the University of the Arts London and London Metropolitan University, before taking part.

Who is Steven Fletcher?

Steven Fletcher works as a horologist and specialises in the restoration and repairs of clocks. He joined the BBC show in 2016.

While his father repaired clocks throughout Steven’s childhood, the presenter wasn’t that interested in clocks and nearly went into a different trade. However, Steven ended up joining the family business and now has over 45  years of experience.

Who is Suzie Fletcher?

Suzie joined the show in series two, alongside her brother Steven. 

It’s no surprise I found a way to combine my interests in design and horses to become a saddle maker.

An expert in leather, equestrian enthusiast Suzie has built a career in saddle making and restoration. She has been working in the industry for the past four decades. 

Suzie said, in an interview for Hello!: “I have been nuts about horses ever since I can remember and can vividly recall from a very young age making saddles and bridles for my rocking horse and Cindy horse.”

She continued: “With the influence of my mother, who was very skilled in designing and making clothes and my father being a watchmaker, it’s no surprise I found a way to combine my interests in design and horses to become a saddle maker.”

Who is Sonnaz Nooranvaey?

Sonnaz is of British-Iranian decent and comes from Pamphill in Dorset. She became interested in upholstery after deciding to drop out of her law degree. Choosing to undergo an apprenticeship instead.

The talented upholster shares details of her projects on her social media channels. 

Who is Kristen Ramsey?

Based in Sussex, Kristen has over 25 years of experience in ceramics and restoration and is the shop’s ceramic’s specialist.

Kristen is the on-call specialist for helping to restore fragile items to their former glory.

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Where can you watch The Repair shop?

The BBC One documentary series can be watched via BBC iPlayer.

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