Herbert on The Repair Shop

The Repair Shop: BBC viewers in bits as deaf man Herbert gets grandfather’s clock restored

Jay and Steve even signed as they handed over the clock

The Repair Shop once again left BBC viewers in bits last night (Wednesday May 5) when the team helped deaf man, Herbert, restore an old ship clock.

The clock was brought in by a father-and-son team who explained the emotional attachment to the clock.

Soon, the team got to work on bringing it back to life. And when they did, it was tears all around.

Herbert on The Repair Shop
Herbert got emotional when he saw the finished clock (Credit: BBC)

What happened on The Repair Shop with Herbert last night?

Herbert and Joshua Klein brought in the ornate clock – shaped like a ship – and explained that it had emotional significance within the family.

The duo explained that it was a gift from Herbert’s grandfather when he was around 10 years old.

Sadly, a year after receiving the gift, Herbert’s grandfather passed away.

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As the team – including horologist Steve Fletcher – got to work on the clock, Herbert soon returned to the shop and said he felt it was as if he was being reunited with his grandfather.

As Steve and host Jay Blades presented Herbert with the beautiful, gleaming restored clock, they signed their way through the conversation.

And Herbert was in tears as memories of his grandfather came flooding back.

How did viewers react?

And it wasn’t just Herbert who was moved by the moment.

Viewers queued up on social media to express their own delight – and tears – as Herbert received the restored clock.

One wrote: “Think we all fell in love with Herbert and the clock he was gifted from his grandfather.

Well done all, we should have had a watery eye warning.

“Well done all, we should have had a watery eye warning.”

Showing a gif of a woman cry-eating ice cream, another praised the show for signing with Herbert.

“The Repair Shop: lovely and emotional viewing the repair team signing to one of the people bringing in items to be repaired, eating Dairy Milk.”

Herbert on The Repair Shop
The clock held memories of Herbert’s grandfather (Credit: BBC)

“The best show on TV”

Finally, a third said: “The team at @TheRepairShop have done it again, I’m in tears!!

“Plus they learnt #BritishSignLanguage & used it when handing the ship back to its owner.

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“It’s just the best programme on TV. #TheRepairShop”

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