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The Repair Shop: BBC viewers ‘broken’ over man’s reaction to restored table and coasters

He thought the baize covering couldn't be saved

The Repair Shop aired on BBC One last night and left viewers “broken” over a man’s tearful reaction to a set of coasters.

In last night’s (Wednesday, August 26) episode of the BBC documentary series, Steve came into the workshop with a folding table that once belonged to his late granddad.

the repair shop bbc
On BBC series The Repair Shop, Steve came in with his granddad’s old table (Credit: BBC)

What happened on last night’s episode of BBC One’s The Repair Shop?

He spoke of how it meant a lot to him, particularly as he fondly remembered sitting at the table with his granddad to do the football pools every Saturday.

Unfortunately, the original baize on the surface of the table was too worn to keep. Steve acknowledged that, but he hoped restorer Will Kirk could still help breathe new life into the table.

When he returned later, they showed Steve the table and he was quietly pleased.

the repair shop bbc
He knew the baize on the table couldn’t be saved (Credit: BBC)

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But then Will explained that one of his colleagues had salvaged the damaged baize, using it to make a set of coasters and place mats.

When he saw them, Steve ran his hand over the material, welling up with emotion.

He said afterwards: “It’s very special to me. I’m just overjoyed… my granddad was the most loving grandfather you could ever want. It’s just nice to have something tangible that we can still touch and know that he sat at that table.”

the repair shop bbc
One of The Repair Shop experts used the baize to make coasters and place mats (Credit: BBC)

How The Repair Shop viewers react?

Viewers at home cried along with him.

One said on Twitter: “I thought I wasn’t gonna go tonight, but when that guy touched the coasters and all went quiet, I went – crying like a baby #therepairshop.”

Another said: “The way that gentleman was so chuffed to have the old baize back tipped me over. Crying at coasters is new, even for me. It was so lovely to see him having a tangible link to his granddad. #therepairshop.”

When that guy touched the coasters and all went quiet, I went – crying like a baby.

A third tweeted: “You don’t realise how much you need the beauty of #therepairshop ’til you cry over coasters…”

Someone else wrote: “Big burly bloke shedding a tear about some coasters, that’s what I come here for, make me have a little cry too #therepairshop.”

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A fifth said: “Who thought a set of coasters would affect someone so deeply? Lovely job #therepairshop.”

“Love that the coasters tipped table Steve over the edge,” said another, tagging the restorer as they added: “It was a lovely thing to do @sonnaz_.”

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