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The Real Marigold Hotel fans shocked that EastEnders actor John Altman is 68

The Nasty Nick actor revealed his real age

The Real Marigold Hotel returned to screens last night and left viewers completely shocked when EastEnders legend John Altman revealed his real age.

The actor, who played Nasty Nick Cotton on and off from 1985 until 2015 when he was killed off, turned 68 in March. This makes him 67 when The Real Marigold Hotel was filmed.

Those watching at home were stunned into disbelief over how old he actually is.

John is how old?! (Credit: BBC)
John is how old?! (Credit: BBC)

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He doesn’t look like he’s aged a day since we last saw him in Walford!

John Altman, is 68, that’s unbelievable!

Fans react as The Real Marigold Hotel reveals John Altman’s age

Who did John Altman play in EastEnders?

John Altman last appeared in EastEnders in 2015 and is currently in The Real Marigold Hotel (Credit: BBC)
John was last in EastEnders in 2015 (Credit: BBC)

Nasty Nick Cotton is one of the true icons of Albert Square – but not necessarily for good reasons!

The son of Dot Branning, Nick was the original bad boy and even tried to kill his own Ma by poisoning her for her fortune.

He faked his own death, was involved in the murders of Reg Cox and Eddie Royle, and was addicted to drugs.

Nick overdosed on drugs Dot had bought for him during the 30th anniversary episodes in 2015 and died in Dot’s arms.

He might be dead and gone, but the legacy lives on as Nick’s daughter, Dotty Cotton has recently returned to Walford.

She’s stirring up trouble blackmailing Ian Beale over his role in Dennis Rickman Jr’s death.

Dotty has also been selling laughing gas, which caused Bobby Beale to collapse. Next week he’ll cover for her, but when he asks her out on a date, will she say yes?

What is John Altman doing on The Real Marigold Hotel?

John Altman is one of eight celebrities experiencing retirement in India for The Real Marigold Hotel (Credit: BBC)
John Altman is one of eight celebrities experiencing retirement in India for The Real Marigold Hotel (Credit: BBC)

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John is one of eight retired celebrities who travelled to the coastal Indian city of Puducherry to see whether retirement is more fulfilling in India.

Making the trip alongside him are Dunan Bannatyne, Paul Chuckle, Zandra Rhodes, Susie Blake, Britt Ekland, Barbara Dickson, and Henry Blofeld.

Paul opened up about losing brother Barry, who died after a battle with cancer in 2018, in the opening episode.

“Barry and I were partners for 55 years. He died in 2018. I really miss him. we were very close,” the 72-year-old explained.

“I only found out six or seven weeks before he died that he’d got cancer at all.

“We constantly laughed on stage. He’d make me laugh, I’d make him laugh all the time. We just loved doing it.

“That’s gone forever. And that is the thing that upsets me more than anything.

“I will never have that on stage again, having a laugh with Barry. But life goes on.”

The Real Marigold Hotel continues next Thursday, May 7, on BBC2 at 9pm.

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