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The Radford family thank supporters as 22 Kids and Counting sees trolls post ‘sickening’ comments

It started on Channel 5 last night

The Radford family were on screens last night for 22 Kids and Counting, their brand new documentary series.

The Channel 5 programme, which got underway on Monday (February 22) evening, follows the Morecambe-based mum and dad and their brood as they deal with life under lockdown.

Unfortunately, 22 Kids and Counting brought the trolls out in droves, with many heaping abuse on the Radfords on social media.

The Radford family’s Channel 5 series started last night (Credit: Lion TV/ Channel 5)

What did 22 Kids and Counting viewers say?

Some cruel social media users told the family – who don’t receive any benefits other than Child Benefit – to stop having kids, while others tried to ‘shame’ mum Sue Radford for having so many.

However, fans of the Radfords came out to support them, branding some of the comments they saw “sickening” and calling on others to be kind or think of the children.

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One said: “After reading all the tweets on #22kidsandcounting, I can honestly say humanity is sickening. You lot judging people, claiming you pay for them etc. Get a grip.

“Yeah they have a big family, who cares, I bet there is more love in that household than any of you will ever see!”

A number of trolls posted ‘sickening’ comments about mum and dad Sue and Noel (Credit: Lion TV/ Channel 5)

Another tweeted: “Can’t believe all the negative comments. What is it about people being constantly unkind to others? They are absolutely amazing parents and I for one admire what they do. I can’t stress it enough, if you have nothing kind to say, just don’t say it.”

Just wanted to say, thank you for all the lovely messages and comments.

A third tweeted: “I feel sorry for their children that will have to read these comments about their parents, seriously think about them if anything #BeKind #22kidsandcounting.”

A fourth wrote: “You can watch the show without [bleep] shaming the mum ya know… #22kidsandcounting.”

What did the Radford family say?

The family shared a message on Instagram Stories after the show aired to thank fans for sending positive comments.

Sue has had 22 children since 1989 (Credit: ITV)

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A message from the account read: “Just wanted to say, thank you for all the lovely messages and comments on last night’s programme, my inbox is full of messages like these.”

They shared screenshots of some of the positive messages, including one that read: “What an incredible family you are, patience, hard work and your pure love and care of your children is clearly there to see. Absolutely loved your programme, well done.”

– 22 Kids and Counting continues on Channel 5 at 9pm on Monday (March 1)

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