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The One Show: Alex Jones makes ‘daft’ blunder in chat with Jane Fonda

Some watching thought it was a 'daft' mistake

Alex Jones left The One Show viewers unimpressed last night after she made a blunder during an interview with Hollywood legend Jane Fonda.

During yesterday (Wednesday, September 9) evening’s episode, the Welsh presenter and her co-host Gethin Jones welcomed the actress on for a chat.

Alex Jones Jane Fonda
Alex Jones made a blunder during the chat with Jane Fonda (Credit: BBC)

What did Alex Jones ask Jane Fonda?

Alex asked Jane is fans can expect a second series of Grace and Franke, her hit comedy series.

That’s despite the fact the show started in 2015 and has since spanned 78 episodes across six series.

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The Welsh presenter said on the programme: “Your latest project, Grace and Frankie, has been incredibly popular over lockdown, loads of people have watched it. Can we expect a second series, Jane?

Jane looked confused for a moment before asking: “A second series?”

Jeez, do your research. Us fans are waiting for series seven.

Alex continued: “Well, a return series. A new season, as you say.”

Jane explained: “We have one more season. It will be, I think, 16 episodes long. In March, before we shut down because of the pandemic, we shot about four and a half episodes. So we’re going back in January to finish our final season.”

Alex Jones Jane Fonda
The One Show viewers on social media were unimpressed (Credit: BBC)

How did viewers react?

Reacting on Twitter, one fan of the BBC talk show said alongside an emoji of a monkey covering its eyes: “Alex asking if Grace and Frankie is coming back for a second season #theoneshow.”

Another wrote: “Jane’s face when Alex Jones asked her if there would be a SECOND series of Grace and Frankie.”

A third tweeted: “#TheOneShow oh dear, #alexjones just made it obvious she hadn’t watched Grace and Frankie.”

Someone else said: “#TheOneShow love it #JaneFonda is actually Grace. Apologies about the daft interviewer not knowing there’s been six seasons lol.”

A fifth said: “A ‘second series’ of Grace and Frankie? Jeez, do your research. Us fans are waiting for series seven.”

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Another put: “If you manage to get #JaneFonda on #TheOneShow and then you ask her if there is going to be a second season of #GraceAndFrankie, when there has already been six, that’s pretty unprofessional. Alex Jones needs to do at least some basic research before talking to a Hollywood legend.”

ED! contacted The One Show for comment.

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