The Nest series 2 (Credit: BBC)

The Nest leaves one huge question unanswered: where is Emily’s embryo?

Emily and Dan didn't find out where their biological child was

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The Nest finale thrilled fans last night as after many twists and turns Dan and Emily finally got their baby.

Although, as viewers know, the baby isn’t biologically theirs.

The Nest (Credit: BBC)
Emily and Dan got their baby in The Nest (Credit: BBC)

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Where is Emily’s embryo in The Nest?

A mix-up at the fertility clinic revealed in the penultimate episode on Sunday (April 12) meant a stranger’s embryo had been implanted in Kaya.

That would most likely have meant Emily’s embryo was implanted in the same stranger.

And whilst most questions were resolved by the end of the last episode (Monday, April 13), one big one remains: where is Emily’s embryo?

It had seemed that Emily was keen to track her child down after the DNA test revealed baby Neve wasn’t biologically related to them.

But husband Dan had confessed he already felt like Neve’s daddy and he wanted to raise her.

The Nest Kaya BBC1
Kaya wanted to keep the baby (Credit: BBC)

However, heartbreak struck when surrogate mum, Kaya, influenced by her own evil mum, Siobhan, announced she wanted to keep the baby.

As the one who carried her, Kaya had more legal rights than Emily and Dan.

They went to court and, on the advice of Siobhan, Kaya dragged their names through the gutter, accusing them of trying to buy her baby.

The Nest Dan BBC1
Dan lost his business, but finally got his baby in The Nest (Credit: BBC)

A happy ending for Dan and Emily?

As the couple faced losing everything, Kaya eventually came to her senses and realised she couldn’t raise a baby.

Breaking free of her mother’s hold, she said she wanted Dan and Emily to have the baby and they were granted temporary custody by the court.

So where is their actual embryo? Have they forgotten about that?

As Kaya looked to the future to start her new life, it looked like Dan and Emily would finally get the baby they so desired.

But does that mean Emily’s forgotten all about her biological embryo – and where it is?

But where is Emily’s embryo?

Fans want answers!

Or could the failure to address that question be setting the show up for a second series?

Viewers have already expressed their appetite for another run, and this could be the perfect opportunity for a storyline.

How would Emily cope faced with both babies? Would she feel a stronger connection to her own biological child than the one she’d adopted?

Or will all they’ve been through with baby Neve make the bond between them just too strong to break?

It certainly sets the scene for series two…

Kaya isn’t a murderer

The good news for fans convinced Kaya didn’t really kill a pregnant woman all those years ago, is that they were right.

Some viewers were sure Kaya’s manipulative mum Siobhan had framed her daughter for the death – and that wasn’t far from the truth.

The Nest (Credit: BBC)
Manipulative mum Siobhan was the real culprit (Credit: BBC)

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In fact, Siohban had been the one who had pulled a knife during an argument with her pregnant sister, Neve.

Kaya dived in to save her aunt, but in grabbing the weapon off her mother, accidentally stabbed Neve.

Siobhan had let her daughter go to prison for it and never owned up to her part in the horrific death.

It was also revealed Kaya didn’t kill Doddy. That, in fact, was her social worker James, and when she found out, Kaya washed her hands of him.

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