Million Pound Cube Joe Robert

The Million Pound Cube: Contestants Joe and Robert walk away with £100k

ITV viewers had 'heart palpitations' watching

The Million Pound Cube continued last night and delivered the biggest win of the series so far.

During Tuesday (October 20) evening’s episode of the ITV game show, best mates Joe and Robert stepped up to take on The Cube.

Million Pound Cube Joe Robert
The Million Pound Cube featured pals Joe and Robert last night (Credit: ITV)

What happened with Joe and Robert on The Million Pound Cube?

Robert explained how he has always been a huge fan of the show. Host Phillip Schofield quizzed them on their skills, and Robert said that while Joe has the academic brain, he himself is the more physical of the two.

Robert said: “I’m very sporty, more active. With our attributes together, we’re unstoppable.”

Joe told Shofe: “I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t think I could beat the cube.”

Million Pound Cube Joe Robert
Host Phillip Schofield looked excited as they reacted the £100k challenge (Credit: ITV)

And it seems they did have the skills needed to get far in this notoriously challenging game now.

For the £100k challenge, Dual Extraction, they had to use one hand to remove a long line of tabs from their slots and press a button within eight seconds.

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Phil explained that on average, the challenge took up five lives – which is exactly how many they had left.

But it proved tough and the duo, though confident initially, quickly lost several lives.

My heart literally… when I pressed the button my heart stopped.

But with the help of their Simplify option, which gave them two extra seconds, they smashed it with 1.8 seconds remaining.

Robert said: “My heart literally… when I pressed the button my heart stopped.”

Million Pound Cube Joe Robert
Joe and Robert used up several lives in their final challenge (Credit: ITV)

“Listen to me now, you have £100,000!”

One of Joe’s sisters, watching from the sidelines, said: “Everything you showed inside that cube was just… amazing!”

At that point, although they had two lives remaining, they decided to leave with their winnings.

Million Pound Cube Joe Robert
In the end, friends Joe and Robert walked away with £100k on The Million Pound Cube (Credit: ITV)

How did fans of The Cube react?

And on Twitter, viewers admitted the tense finale had them on the edges of their seats and ‘shouting at their TVs’.

One said: “So well deserved Joseph and Robert, I literally had heart palpitations, was shouting at the TV lol, yall SMASHED IT! #TheMillionPoundCube.”

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Another tweeted: “A euphoric moment when they won £100,000 on #TheCube #TheMillionPoundCube tonight great lads and a great family they so deserved it.”

A third confessed: “I’d be terrible at this game. My hands shake just from existing. #thecube #TheMillionPoundCube.”

Someone else put: “Shouldn’t watch #TheMillionPoundCube just before bed! My heart is racing.”

“That was nail-biting,” said a fifth.

– The Million Pound Cube continues on ITV tonight (Wednesday, October 21) at 9pm

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