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The Masked Singer: Jonathan Ross guesses celeb who’s been dead since 2015

He thought Daisy could be Natalie Cole

Several weeks into The Masked Singer, it’s pretty clear that the celebrity panellists are dreadful at guessing who the stars behind the disguises are.

American Ken Jeong clearly doesn’t know who any Brit celebs are, and nor did his US stand-in Donny Osmond last night… John BORROW-man anyone?

But it was Jonathan Ross who showed himself up on the latest episode, guessing a celebrity that’s been dead for almost five years.

After Daisy performed, Jonathan thought she could be Natalie Cole hidden under the mask; that’s Natalie Cole who died in 2015.

Jonathan Ross should apologise about that Natalie Cole comment.

This was followed up by a tweet from the verified Twitter account of The Masked Singer, which read: “Daisy. Who are you?! Our detectives think it could be @NatalieCole, ‘MissCherryLala, @FleurEast or @Alyssa_Milano Who do YOU think it is? #MaskedSinger (sic).”

However, the tweet was later removed after fans pointed out the mistake.

Daisy’s identity was confusing the panellists (Credit: ITV)

Viewers were pretty shocked by such a slip-up on the show and even more perturbed that ITV chose not to edit it from the pre-recorded show.

One felt that Jonathan Ross ought to apologise for his error.

An ITV spokesperson said: “This was a genuine mistake by the panel. We apologise if this caused any upset to viewers.”

Kelis took her head off (Credit: ITV)

At the end of the episode Daisy was revealed to be US singer Kelis which, amazingly Rita Ora – who has been widely and wildly off the mark guessing the singers – guessed.

She said: “I’m the first person to get it right out of all the panellists. Can I just say one of the most important artists when I was growing up.”

Revealing why she agreed to take part in the show, Kelis said: “People have just been telling me my voice was distinct my whole career. I said let’s see how distinct my voice is.”

Kelis wanted to see how distinct her voice is (Credit: ITV)

Kelis is the fifth star to be eliminated from the show.

Patsy Palmer was unmasked in week one, with politician Alan Johnson leaving in week two.

Singer Justin Hawkins was revealed as a contestant in week three and last week, fans were shocked to find out former footballer Teddy Sheringham was disguised as the Tree.

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