The Man Who Fell From The Sky

The Man Who Fell From The Sky on Channel 4: Where is Themba Cabeka now?

A remarkable, harrowing story

The Man Who Fell From The Sky is a new documentary on Channel 4 that airs tonight (Monday January 4).

It tells the fascinating story of two men who stowed away on a flight from South Africa to the UK in 2012.

But what was their story, and what happened to the two men?

Filmmaker Rich Bentley and Themba Cabeka on Channel 4's The Man Who Fell From The Sky
Themba in the documentary (Credit: Channel 4)

Who are the two men in The Man Who Fell From The Sky on Channel 4?

The documentary is billed as a ‘stranger than fiction’ story, that features two men who made the ‘most extreme journey’ ever taken by humans.

South Africans Themba Cabeka and Carlito Vale made the trip clinging onto the undercarriage of the plane.

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Together, they made the 11-hour, 5,639-miles trip braving -60C temperatures.

The incredible journey made news around the world.

Filmmaker Rich Bentley on Channel 4;s The Man Who Fell From The Sky
Rich attempts to unravel the story (Credit: Channel 4)

Why did they stowaway on the plane?

The documentary – made by filmmaker Richard Bentley – tells the two mens’ story.

But why did they take such extraordinary action and undertake the brutal, extreme journey?

Thomas says that he met Carlito in a nightclub in Johannesburg in South Africa and plotted a new life in the UK.

“My background was very hard,” Themba says.

“I was raised by my cousin, who adopted me as a child.

“Everything was normal until she passed away. I was going to school but I had to drop out because I couldn’t pay the fees.”

What happened to the two men?

Sadly, Carlito fell to his death.

His body was discovered in an air-conditioning unit in Richmond, south-west London.

However, Thomas – now 30 and living in Liverpool under the name of Justin – remarkably survived.

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Thomas landed on the ground at the airport itself.

Following the fall, he was in a coma for six months.

The Man Who Fell From The Sky is on tonight (Monday January 4) at 10pm on Channel 4

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