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The Luminaries plot leaves viewers confused: ‘What’s actually happening?”

The plot of the Eleanor Catton drama has left fans unhappy

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The Luminaries, BBC One’s new drama starring Eva Green launched on Sunday night (June 21) and viewers quickly found issue with the series.

A good old Sunday night period drama that isn’t a repeat is just what the doctor ordered at the moment.

But this one had a confusing plot and a dark screen, according to those watching at home.

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The Luminaries has confused viewers (Credit: BBC)

The Luminaries confuses viewers

Following the premiere of episode one, many viewers felt confused.

And fans were quick to take to Twitter afterwards to discuss the new BBC drama which is based on Eleanor Catton’s best-selling novel.

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One wrote: “#TheLuminaries. Have i missed the first two episodes or something Haven’t foggiest now. Half expecting villanelle to appear.”

Another then tweeted: “I felt I went to the loo and missed a bit in the middle but clearly can’t have as i paused it? #TheLuminaries.”

Moments later, a third wrote: “Well, the costume design is divine & New Zealand looks beautiful but what’s actually happening? #theluminaries.”

Shortly after, a fourth commented: “Must admit I woke up this morning and wondered what the heck was that all about? #TheLuminaries.”

What is The Luminaries about
The new BBC drama is based on Eleanor Catton’s novel (Credit: BBC)

Eleanor Catton drama divides fans

Although some viewers complained that the TV show was confusing, others loved the drama.

Shortly after episode one aired, the division on Twitter was evident.

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“It was wonderful, first promising bit of telly for yonks #TheLuminaries,” one viewer tweeted.

Another added: “Loved the Luminaries! Sumptuous and intriguing, can’t wait to see what unfolds #TheLuminaries.”

Moments later, a four wrote: “Really enjoyed #TheLuminaries can’t understand why people can’t follow it, just watch and usually all is revealed.”

What is The Luminaries about
Himesh Patel takes on the role of Emery in The Luminaries (Credit: BBC)

Is The Luminaries too dark?

The other thing viewers complained about was the brightness of their screens.

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BBC dramas have been marred by sound issues in the past and although a few fans felt the show needed work in that department, it was the darkness of their TV sets that they really took issue with.

Many felt it was pretty ironic given the title of the drama means light!

The Luminaries BBC One
The Luminaries created division on Twitter (Credit: BBC)

One fan commented on Twitter: “Makes a change to be complaining we can’t actually *see* what’s going on, rather than complaining we can’t actually *hear* what the actors are saying.

“The BBC obviously considers we’re not allowed to both see and hear at the same time; it’s one or the other. #TheLuminaries.”

A second tweeted:  “Ironic that a telly show called #TheLuminaries starts off so dark and shadowy that you can’t make out what’s happening.

“Btw, Hamish Patel has to be the best name for an actor ever. Not easily forgotten, expect to see more of him.”

A third fan posted: “Not much light in the opaque plot of #TheLuminaries.

“Someone has to tell directors that black screens for 10mn is not a great viewing experience…Eva Green was lovely opposite twin of Emily Blunt but otherwise…duh.”

The Luminaries BBC One
Callan Mulvey is known to soap fans (Credit: BBC)

Two soap faces appear in The Luminaries

Soap fans watching The Luminaries were actually pretty excited to see two familiar faces.

Himesh Patel, who played Tamwar Masood in EastEnders, plays Emery.

Some even said they didn’t realise it was the same guy until it had been pointed out to them.

“#TheLuminaries I didn’t realise that was Tamwar from Eastenders in Yesterday, only found out tonight,” one fan tweeted.

“He’s turned out quite handsome.”

Another added: “Hadn’t noticed Tamwar from #Eastenders was in this until someone on here mentioned it.

“Now I can see *only* Tamwar when he appears. Bummer. #TheLuminaries.”

There were some eagle-eyed viewers who spotted another former soap star – actor Callan Mulvey, who played Drazic in Heartbreak High and Johnny Cooper in Home and Away!

“Enjoyed #TheLuminaries last night although it was sooo strange to spot Drazic from #HeartbreakHigh there with the eyebrow piercing,” one fan said.

“#TheLuminaries got off to a slow start but I am going to see it through,” another added.

“I was pleased to see Callan Mulvey as I will always remember him from #heartbreakhigh.”

  • The Luminaries continues on BBC One, Monday (June 22) at 9pm. The third episode will be shown at the same time on Sunday (June 28).

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