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The Hairy Bikers Go North: Si King reveals Dave Myers isn’t ‘too well’ amid COVID battle

Get well soon, Dave!

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The Hairy Bikers are back on our screens today (October 17) with their Go North show, but away from the cameras Dave Myers is “not too well”.

Dave and sidekick Si King were due to appear on The One Show and Sunday Brunch over the past couple of weeks.

However, Si went it alone, prompting The One Show host Rylan Clark-Neal to express his worry about Dave’s absence.

hairy bikers dave
Si without Dave is like Ant without Dec for fans of the Hairy Bikers (Credit: Splash News)

What did Si say about his Hairy Biker pal Dave?

Rylan started the interview by asking Si where Dave was – and if he was okay.

“Si, no Dave? Is he alright?” Rylan asked.

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Si revealed that Dave has been battling COVID-19 and said that he wasn’t “too well”.

Speaking last week, Si said: “He has COVID. He’s getting there.

“I think he’s not too well but it’s not bad.”

hairy bikers dave
Si has also suffered his fair share of illness over the years (Credit: Splash News)

How did Si feel appearing without Dave?

He then spoke about how he felt being on the show without Dave.

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And just like Ant would find it weird without Dec, Si revealed he felt exactly the same without Dave.

Opening up, he told Rylan: “It’s very odd to be here without him.

“It’s a bit odd.”

The pair haven’t issued an update on how Dave’s doing on social media.

Si’s headache that lead to a fight for life

It’s not the first time one of the popular chefs has been poorly.

He previously revealed that almost lost his life after suffering a terrifying brain aneurysm.

Back in 2014, he was admitted to hospital after suffering crippling headaches.

Two years after his ordeal, he told The Mirror: “When I got to hospital all hell broke loose.

“The doctors did a lumbar puncture and found blood in my spinal fluid.

“At that point they grew really worried – I had to sign a load of forms to say I understood I may make it, or I may not.”

The Hairy Bikers Go North is on BBC Two today at 11.30am.

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