The Grand Party Hotel BBC

The Grand Party Hotel: New BBC series divides viewers

It takes viewers inside The Shankly Hotel in Liverpool

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The Grand Party Hotel divided BBC viewers last night, with some branding the new series ‘garbage’ and others admitting they loved it.

The fly-on-the-wall documentary show follows staff and guests at The Shankly Hotel in Liverpool.

The Grand Party Hotel BBC
The Grand Party Hotel divided BBC viewers with its first episode (Credit: BBC)

What happened in the first episode of The Grand Party Hotel on BBC One?

The first episode of the programme, aired on Thursday (September 24) evening, included everything from hen do’s and divorce parties to expensive baby showers and a lesbian wedding featuring former X Factor star Wagner.

It also showed a strict new general manager, Lyndon, coming in to whip the hotel back into shape. That’s because it had fallen out of the top five on review website TripAdvisor.

Lyndon in The Grand Party Hotel BBC
New general manager Lyndon was taken on to whip the hotel into shape (Credit: BBC)

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Lyndon’s management style saw him clash with many of the hotel’s existing staff. A number of them thought they already did a good job and didn’t need his advice.

Liam in The Grand Party Hotel BBC
Staff member Liam was among those who struggled to see eye to eye with the new GM (Credit: BBC)

At the end of the episode, it revealed Lyndon had decided The Shankly Hotel wasn’t for him – and had moved on to pastures new.

Wagner in The Grand Party Hotel BBC
The X Factor star Wagner was hired to perform for a wedding (Credit: BBC)

What did viewers think of The Grand Party Hotel?

On Twitter, it appears The Grand Party Hotel divided viewers.

Some thought it shouldn’t have had a prime slot on BBC One.

One said: “When did #BBC1 become #BBC3? This is dog [bleep]. Give me my licence fee back! [Bleeping] garbage! #Thegrandpartyhotel.”

Another tweeted: “There appears to be a Channel 5 fly-on-the-wall documentary on prime time BBC1… #TheGrandPartyHotel.”

When did #BBC1 become #BBC3? Give me my licence fee back!

A third said: “How was that BBC prime time? Grrrrr.”

Someone else tweeted: “How is this [bleep] on BBC1? We need to stop covid for our own good #thegrandpartyhotel.”

A fifth said: “What a load of [bleep] #thegrandpartyhotel.”

ED! contacted the BBC for comment.

Viewers desperate to stay at The Shankly Hotel

A number of viewers loved it, though, with some saying it reminded them of happier, pre-covid times.

“Sorry, but I’m loving #thegrandpartyhotel and I think the manager Lyndon was great!” said one. “Yes, he had high standards. Yes, he was sometimes blunt and maybe didn’t fit in. But business is business and I can’t stand ‘that’ll do’ people. He’ll be better suited elsewhere where he’s appreciated.”

“Omg I want to stay in the Shankly hotel,” another said appreciatively.

“#TheGrandPartyHotel: I absolutely LOVE it!” someone else tweeted.

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A fourth wrote: “I enjoyed this, but makes me want normal times again, like they were before covid! #thegrandpartyhotel.”

“Loving the #GrandPartyHotel,” one said, adding: “Afraid Lyndon’s leadership skills aren’t up to it #thegrandpartyhotel.”

– The Grand Party Hotel continues on Thursday (October 1) on BBC One at 8pm

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