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Thursday 4th June 2020

The Good Karma Hospital: Viewers beg for series four after heartbreaking finale

Don't let it end there

The Good Karma Hospital viewers were left begging for another series of the popular ITV drama after last night's finale.

Series three wrapped up with emotional closing scenes on Sunday (April 19) that had fans calling on producers to keep the story going.

Warning! Spoilers ahead

The Good Karma Hospital viewers are begging ITV for another series (Credit: ITV)

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At the end of episode six, Dr Gabriel Varma (James Krishna Floyd) appeared to depart the hospital for good.

All he left for his love, Dr Ruby Walker (Amrita Acharia), was a note that simply said 'forgive me' and a single rose.

Gabriel left Ruby a simple note and a rose (Credit: ITV)

It then cut to Dr Lydia Fonseca (Amanda Redman), who was puzzled as she opened an email from Gabriel that revealed he was taking an unexpected leave of absence.

She went to break the news to Ruby, but found her sitting up in her hospital bed, note in hand and a heartbroken look on her face.

As the episode ended, viewers saw Gabriel riding away on his motorbike - with no idea what it means for the future of the show.

Gabriel rode away on his motorbike after taking an immediate leave of absence from the hospital (Credit: ITV)

Taking to Twitter, some feared it meant The Good Karma Hospital is finished for good.

What did viewers think?

One said: "@goodkarmahosp @ITV Whaaat??! End of the series?? Noooo!! I'll miss you, you make my week complete. Come back soon #GoodKarmaHospital #GreatTV #NextWeekIsNotSoonEnough."

Another tweeted: "Well, what an ending. I hope #GoodKarmaHospital will be back soon with series four, it can't end there. @goodkarmahosp Gabriel please come back."

Really felt like an ending to the whole show.

That user also tweeted to Ruby actress Amrita Acharia: "Superb, from start to finish, hopefully series four is on the cards, it can't end there. #GoodKarmaHospital."

A third put: "That episode really felt like an ending to the whole show, not just the series. I hope not, because this series was phenomenal. #goodkarmahospital."

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Someone else tweeted: "Wow, what an ending to #goodkarmahospital. Some loose ends tied up but other questions asked, like where has Gabriel gone and will he be back? Can't wait for the next series. For me, that was the best series of Good Karma Hospital. The storylines were poignant, gripping and uplifting."

"Another great series comes to an end," said a fifth. "Such a great feel-good series always makes a great end to the weekend. Hopefully, a new series will be with us soon. #GoodKarmaHospital."

"What a heartbreaking end to the most heartwarming programme!" said another, using a crying emoji. "Please let there be a series four to @goodkarmahosp #GoodKarmaHospital."

- All six episodes of The Good Karma Hospital series three are available to watch now on ITV Hub

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