Paul Sinha on The Chase

The Chase’s Paul Sinha slams contestant’s ‘deeply unimpressive’ performance as she takes low offer

The Sinnerman beat the team on last night's show

Paul Sinha branded a contestant’s performance on The Chase “deeply unimpressive” last night (April 20).

Shanice appeared on Monday’s show in the hope of winning some money alongside her teammates.

However, Shanice admitted her general knowledge was “pretty awful”.

The Chase contestant
Shanice admitted her general knowledge was “pretty awful” (Credit: ITV)

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Host Bradley Walsh asked her: “If you were to win some money today what would you do with it?”

Shanice, who is hoping to become a criminal lawyer, said: “I’ve only ever been able to bet quite small on horses.

“So if I won enough, I would like to do a bigger bet than usual.”

Shanice went on to face her cash builder round but only bagged £1,000.

She admitted she could be “tempted” by the bigger offer if it’s “high enough”.

Paul Sinha on The Chase
Paul Sinha branded Shanice’s performance on The Chase “deeply unimpressive” (Credit: ITV)

Chaser Paul – aka The Sinnerman – told Shanice: “Hello Shanice, that was deeply unimpressive.

“But so have I been so far and you’re all about the gamble and turning small amounts of money into big sums of money.”

Hello Shanice, that was deeply unimpressive.

The Sinnerman offered Shanice a low offer of £100, to stick with her £1,000 or take a gamble for a high offer of £30,000.

Bradley asked the Chaser: “Are you mad?!”

Paul replied: “Yes. Yes I am Bradley.”

The Chase contestant
Shanice angered viewers by going for the low offer (Credit: ITV)

Despite her teammates urging her to stick with her £1,000 or go for £30k, Shanice opted for the low offer of £100.

Bradley asked Shanice: “What you thinking?” to which she said: “£100 to get myself back.”

The host said: “I think that’s a good idea.”

Viewers were fuming with Shanice’s decision, with one person branding it “selfish”.

What did viewers say?

One person wrote on Twitter: “Oooh she wound me up something rotten!

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“How selfish can you get, and her face all the way through, looked like she was challenging someone before they picked the fight.”

Another said: “Daylight robbery by Shanice here if they win with that £100 contribution.”

A third added: “Shanice is going low & home.”

Shanice made it back to the team and they played for £13,100.

However, they didn’t manage to beat the Chaser and went home with nothing.

Viewers admitted they were slightly pleased the team didn’t win because of Shanice’s actions.

The Chase continues on ITV, Tuesday, April 21, at 5pm.

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