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Thursday 9th July 2020

The Chase's Bradley Walsh and contestant have embarrassing misunderstanding


It's not unusual for The Chase host Bradley Walsh to dissolve into giggles during the hour-long ITV show - but normally it's at somebody else's expense.

On Tuesday (5 February), the joke was on HIM when he misheard a contestant with embarrassing consequences.

Candice does WHAT for a living? (Credit: ITV)

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Candice was one of four contestants to take on the Chaser and hopefully leave the studio thousands of pounds richer.

However, the quiz became farce when Bradley misheard Candice's Dundee accent when she revealed what she did for a living.

Chatting to the contestant as usual before introducing the Chaser, Bradley asked her about her job.

To which Candice replied: "I'm an account manger for a medical device company in wound care and compression."

Candice's Scottish accent confused Bradley Walsh on The Chase (Credit: ITV)

I need some compression of wind care I've been to toilet 5 times since this started pain in belly too many sprouts again #thechase.

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And Bradley's face showed that he couldn't believe what he'd just heard - or, at least, what he THOUGHT he'd just heard!

"Wind care," he repeated, looking surprised.

When Candice insisted she'd actually said "wound care", Bradley admitted: "I thought you said wind care."

That's not a profession we've ever heard of Bradley!

Clean your ears out, Bradley! (Credit: ITV)

Becoming even more ridiculous, Candice questioned Bradley on what wind care would actually be, to which a giggling Bradley laughed: "Compression of wind care."

After apologising for his mistake, the show continued on - although some fans mentioned the funny incident on Twitter, and even agreed with Bradley.

One joked: "I need some compression of wind care I've been to toilet 5 times since this started pain in belly too many sprouts again #thechase."

Another said: "I heard wind care, too."

She eventually took on Shaun Wallace, but went home empty-handed.

Fans liked Candice at first for her "bubbly personality", but soon turned against her when she told Bradley she "loved Margaret Thatcher, then it all went downhill".

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