The Chasers Road Trip: Mark Labbett slams producers as Anne Hegerty defends her ‘diva strop’

The Chaser said her Asperger's Syndrome was to blame

Chaser Anne Hegerty has revealed the truth behind her temper tantrum on The Chasers Road Trip.

Anne, Shaun Wallace and Mark Labbett embark on the geekiest road trip ever in the beloved three-part series.

As many fans already know, the former I’m A Celebrity star, 62, has Asperger’s Syndrome.

This means that she doesn’t like to be surprised and feels best when she is aware of everything that is happening.

However, producers on The Chasers Road Trip apparently kept her out of the loop over last-minute plan changes.

Instead of being taken to a hotel after a long day, Anne was instead taken to a campsite with Mark and Shaun.

A “diva strop” then ensued as Anne realised things weren’t going as she had expected.

Anne was not happy (Credit: ITV)

What happened to Anne on The Chasers Road Trip?

After the show aired, Chaser Anne Hegerty took to Twitter to explain why she had reacted so badly.

“#ChasersRoadTrip #TheChasersRoadTrip So, it’s quite possible that the campsite was actually extremely nice (I have since been told that it was),” said Anne.

“However, we had been promised a) a hotel, b) no more surprises. Ergo diva strop,” she added.

Mark also weighed in, confirming that producers had failed to notify Anne.

He said: “And having been told that autistic people hate being surprised, the producers promptly wasted 90 minutes of our time springing this surprise…”

The group had plans switched on them (Credit: ITV)

What did The Chase fans say?

Fans rushed to share their support for the star quizzer.

One wrote: “Fair enough Anne, not fair to try and change what you are promised. I’m just sorry there aren’t more than just one episode to look forward to. You are all very watchable, so thank you for doing this.”

“I like Anne, you just want to take care of her!” added another.

It wasn’t just Anne who was miffed about the change in place.

Shaun agreed with her frustrated protest and asked the driver to turn them around and take them to a hotel.

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He said: “There’s no way I’m sleeping in a field, absolutely no chance.

“I’m a hotel geezer, fluffy pillows, running water, none of this glamping or clamping of whatever the trendy term they use for it is, I don’t do it.”

The Chasers Road Trip: Trains, Brains and Automobiles continues on ITV next Thursday at 9pm.

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