Anne Hegerty on The chasers Road Trip

The Chasers Road Trip: Anne Hegerty claps back as she’s criticised for walking off show

Anne travelled around the US with Mark Labbett and Shaun Wallace

The Chasers Road Trip star Anne Hegerty has clapped back as she was criticised for walking away from an activity.

On Thursday night’s episode, Anne and her co-stars Mark Labbett and Shaun Wallace visited a country music venue in the US.

However, Anne became overwhelmed due to her autism and had to take a break on the side.

Anne Hegerty on The Chasers Road Trip
Anne Hegerty clapped back at criticism for walking away from an activity (Credit: ITV)

What happened on The Chasers Road Trip?

Anne, Mark and Shaun were kitted out in their country outfits as they stepped into the club.

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As they walked in, people were on the dance floor as music was playing.

The trio then took to the dance floor but Anne started to look overwhelmed.

Anne Hegerty on The Chasers Road Trip
Anne looked overwhelmed on The Chasers Road Trip (Credit: ITV)

She told the camera: “One of the things that quite often goes along with autism is certain sensory issues.

“It’s about not really liking noise to come out at me – especially if I am feeling a bit tired or stressed.”

Anne added: “Sometimes I need to just take myself away, have a bit of quiet, jump on the WiFi, do a bit of online quizzing and I’m fine.”

Anne is then seen sitting at the side on her phone as she enjoyed some quiet time.

Many viewers praised Anne on Twitter for taking herself out of the situation.

Anne Hegerty on The Chasers Road Trip
Anne took some time out (Credit: ITV)

However, one person tweeted: “Anne has an excuse for everything.”

Anne then replied: “Ruled out on medical grounds!” referring to her time in the I’m A Celebrity jungle when she was often ruled out of Bushtucker trials on medical grounds.

Viewers praise Anne

Meanwhile, others praised Anne on Twitter.

One person said: “Really enjoying this, seeing the Chasers in a different light! @anne_hegerty’s openness about autism is extremely refreshing too!”

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Another tweeted: “Everything I watch with Anne in it makes me love her even more.

“It’s so nice to hear her talking so openly about autism having experienced a lot of the same things too.”

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