anne hegerty on the chase on ITV

The Chase viewers all have same complaint about blatant mistake

Someone behind the scenes wasn't paying attention today!

The Chase viewers all had the same complaint as they spotted a blatant mistake during last night’s ITV show (Tuesday, January 25).

Bradley Walsh, Anne Hegerty, and the contestant may not have noticed it, but plenty of viewers at home did!

What happened on ITV The Chase last night?

anne hegerty on the chase on itv
Spot the mistake? (Credit: ITV)

Last night’s show saw four new chasers go up against The Governess, aka Anne.

First up to the plate was Alex, who is a quiz setter in his spare time.

Despite his experience, he didn’t do as well as he had hoped, and only managed to pick up £4,000 in the cash builder round.

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Things started well for Alex, but he started making mistakes and getting questions wrong. He even didn’t press the buzzer at one point. However, he was ultimately victorious and walked away from his bout with Anne with £4k.

But it wasn’t Alex’s performance that drew the audience’s attention. It was a blatant spelling mistake on one of the questions!

The question asked was – ‘The word ‘shyster’ originally referred to an unscrupulous person in what profession?’. The options were lawyer, doctor, or architect.

Eagle-eyed viewers will have noticed, however, that the word ‘Lawyer’ was spelled wrong!

How did The Chase viewers react?

alex went up against anne on the chase on itv
Viewers pounced on the spelling mistake (Credit: ITV)

Plenty of viewers noticed the spelling mistake, and were quick to point it out on Twitter!

“@ITVChase hate to be the grammar police (that’s a lie!) but wtf is a Laywer? Someone get my Lawyer on the phone!!” one viewer wrote.

“Ooops. No one bothering checking their graphics today then,” another tweeted.

“LAWYER is spelt wrong! Thought I was going mad,” a third laughed.

“If you gloat about how Alex was a better player than that one more time, Brad, I’ll get a ‘Laywer’ on your backside! And yes, I saw the misspelling too,” another said.

@ITV what is a laywer???” a fifth tweeted.

What happened at end of The Chase?

anne hegerty on the chase on itv
Anne took on three of the contestants in the Final Chase (Credit: ITV)

At the end of the show, only one contestant had failed to beat Anne, meaning three contestants went up against her in the Final Chase.

Alex, and fellow teammates Doreen and Freddie, prepared themselves to go up against Anne for the chance to win £16,000.

They managed to answer 17 questions correctly, giving Anne a bit of an uphill challenge.

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Unfortunately for Alex, Freddie, and Doreen, Anne managed to catch up with them with 20 seconds to spare.

Bradley told the team that the damage had been done when the other contestant, Dan, was eliminated, so they were always fighting a losing battle.

Sadlt they walked away with nothing, and Anne added another victory to her extensive tally.

The Chase continues on ITV, this evening, at 5pm.

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