The Chase Nathan and Mark Labbett

The Chase: Viewers say contestant Nathan is ‘The Beast’s brother’

Could be related to Mark Labbett

The Chase viewers were stunned when a contestant on the show today looked as though he could have been Mark Labbett’s brother.

During Wednesday (November 4) evening’s episode of the popular ITV quiz show, Bradley Walsh welcomed a contestant called Nathan into the studio.

Nathan was the first contestant to play on tonight’s The Chase (Credit: ITV)

Who was Nathan on The Chase and why did people say he looked like The Beast?

Nathan, a 43-year-old horse racing investigator from Northampton, stood a staggering 6 foot 10.

He did well in his cash-builder round, getting an impressive eight correct and playing against chaser Shaun Wallace for his £8,000.

Nathan’s incredible height stunned ITV viewers (Credit: ITV)

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Nathan proved to be a strong quizzer, as he evaded the Dark Destroyer and made it back to his team.

On Twitter, viewers couldn’t help noticing a likeness to The Beast, with a number of viewers joking that the pair could easily be brothers. Others simply marvelled at his incredible stature.

On The Chase, Nathan said he was 6 foot 10 (Credit: ITV)

How did ITV viewers react seeing Nathan?

One viewer tweeted: “Anyone else think Nathan looks like The Beast? Literally his brother #TheChase.”

Another wrote: “Is this The Beast’s brother?! #TheChase.”

Anyone else think Nathan looks like The Beast? Literally his brother.

A third put: “Nathan, The Beast’s brother? #TheChase.”

Someone else said: “Late to the party but FFS is Nathan about 12 foot? Haha #thechase.”

“#thechase how tall is Nathan!?” asked another.

What did The Chase contestant Nathan say about his job?

When he first joined Bradley before taking on the cash-builder, Nathan explained his unusual job.

He said: “I work for the regulators of British horse racing, the British Horse Racing Authority, and they look into irregular betting patterns, horse welfare, being a point of contact, that sort of thing.”

Bradders asked Nathan what he does in his spare time and he explained: “I like a park run on a Saturday, and then I like to take my daughter out looking for mushrooms.

Nathan is a horse racing investigator from Northampton (Credit: ITV)

“If I get a decent mushroom, one I like the look of, I send it to my mate Dave and if he says ‘Yep you can have some of that’, I put it in breadcrumbs, lovely.”

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Unfortunately, the team went home empty handed in the end.

Shaun Wallace, who is currently on screens for ITV’s Don’t Rock The Boat, caught them with 17 seconds remaining, denying them their £19,000 prize pot.

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