the chase host bradley walsh is shocked at right answer

The Chase viewers left angry at wrong answer to ‘obvious’ question

The contestant also didn't know the correct answer

Viewers of ITV’s The Chase were left annoyed at host Bradley Walsh after he and a contestant failed to get an ‘obvious’ question right on the competitive quiz show.

Student Daniel went up against Chaser Paul “the Sinnerman” Sinha after an impressive performance, which saw him earn £6,000.

The final question proved to be too much for gap year student Daniel, who was trying to take back his £6,000 to his teammates and add to the jackpot for the final round of the popular ITV show.

the chase paul sinha beat contestant with obvious question
Paul Sinha beat the contestant (Credit: ITV)

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An easy question on The Chase?

Bradley asked: “Which pop star admitted to having once phoned his agent to get him to stop the wind blowing outside his hotel room?”

The multiple choice answers were Elton John, Robbie Williams or Justin Bieber, with Daniel selecting Justin Bieber after deliberating.

Host Bradley Walsh confidently cheered on The Chase contestant, saying: “It’s got to be.”

The correct answer was in fact Elton John, leaving host Bradley flabbergasted and contestant Daniel out of the game.

The audience was amused at Bradley’s shock at the right answer, but viewers at home were annoyed the host got such an ‘obvious’ question wrong.

the chase host Bradley Walsh comes under fire from viewers
Bradley was under fire from viewers (Credit: ITV)

Elton John all day long. Brad you should know that!!

On Twitter, one viewer said: “Could ONLY be Elton John if you know anything at all about his past tantrums over absolutely nothing…”

Another added: “haha Bradley is he ever right on anything”

A third said: “Why’s it got to be Bieber, Brad? Elton John was the obvious answer”

Other fans were annoyed that Bradley had entertained the idea of it being anything other than Elton:

One added: “Gosh – Elton John isn’t famous for having Diva strops all the time is he… [Bleep] obvious!”

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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