The Chase viewers infuriated by chatterbox before Bradley Walsh leaves her speechless

He struggled to get a word in edgeways!

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A very talkative contestant had some viewers at their wits’ end after she went on and on during her appearance on The Chase this evening,

Pam, a cleaner from Kent, left host Bradley Walsh struggling to get a word in edgeways – or even ask many questions about herself before she played the ITV quiz proper.

Indeed, Pam seemed almost breathless at points as the words constantly flowed out of her mouth as she went into very great detail about her passion for pottery.

Bradley barely gave away any indication of frustration at the slightly unequal back and forth… besides an occasional glance to the camera as if to suggest he wanted to move things on but was too polite to hurry Pam.

Pam was very friendly and chatty (Credit: ITV Hub)

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But Pam’s very full and complete answers she gave to questions about herself ahead of the Cash Builder round were nowhere near as expansive as those she gave when facing off against The Dark Destroyer.

Asked which Chaser she was hoping to battle before Shaun Wallace came out, Pam rattled out a list of reasons – including a “cheeky grin” and his “general sense of humour” – as to why she’d like The Sinnerman to be her opponent.

That’s the first time you’ve been lost for words today.

Sadly, however, Pam’s typically-thorough – possibly too thorough response – proved a bit of a waste of time as it turned out to be Shaun she was matched with. And even worse, despite racking up an impressive £8,000 in her Cash Builder, The Dark Destroyer ultimately sent her packing without breaking a sweat.

Before Pam made her exit, however, she certainly made the most of her time on the telly, speaking at length about anything and everything that came up.

The Dark Destroyer was all business (Credit: ITV Hub)

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She had an extended back and forth in which Bradley seemed to suggest she may have made a mistake in selecting a Bay City Rollers hit – but she actually came up trumps with that answer.

There was also a more than generous explanation for why she had selected the wrong answer for a question about currency.

And she also guided Bradley and the audience through why she had picked Winston Churchill as the only PM not serve under the Queen among the three options before talking herself out of her own answer.

Darwinian theory and evolution got mentioned during her next address, causing Bradley to make a gag which actually rendered Pam temporarily speechless.

Cheeky Bradders (Credit: ITV Hub)

“You should be a Chaser with this kind of information,” he said in a friendly but sarky manner.

But Pam was left stumped after being asked to come up with her own Chaser nickname.

“I’ll think of one for you,” he finally intervened after a few moments of unexpected silence from the chatty contestant.

Bradley quipped: “That’s the first time you’ve been lost for words today.”

Sadly Pam didn’t make it through to the final (Credit: ITV Hub)

Following her loss, The Dark Destroyer wished Pam well with a subtle reference to her lively and chatty appearance on the programme.

“We could talk for ages but the show is only an hour long,” he joked.

Many viewers were relieved that they wouldn’t be hearing any more from Pam, however.

“Omg, no one cares, luv. #thechase,” tweeted one impatient person as Pam talked about her pottery hobby.

“#Thechase yeah whatever love, stfu,” added another social media user.

And someone else tweeted: “[Blank] Pam! We don’t need your life history love!! #TheChase.”

Referring rather cuttingly to the contestant’s gushing mode of address, a fourth person remarked: “[Blank] hell love, breathe in, it’s free. #TheChase.”

Someone else echoed that thought by tweeting: “Rabbit, rabbit, yak yak #TheChase.”

“I bet you wished you hadn’t asked now, Brad #TheChase,” laughed yet another Twitter user.

And there were plenty of comments about Pam’s answer-explanations when she quizzed with Shaun, too.

“Don’t explain everything!! #TheChase,” exclaimed one viewer.

“Omg every answer comes with a nice story. Or not so nice. Thanks Pam #TheChase,” tweeted another.

And yet another person added: “Even deaf people have turned the subtitles off #TheChase.”

– The Chase returns to ITV on Monday March 16, at 5pm

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