The Chase

The Chase viewers gobsmacked as contestant Ryan gets £50k by ‘guessing’

Who needs knowledge?

Fans of The Chase were stunned last night watching Ryan, the “luckiest” contestant ever, guess his way to a £50k win.

During Thursday (May 14) evening’s episode, the 27-year-old greyhound trainer from Lancashire brought five-figures to his team’s prize pot. That’s despite not knowing the answers to any question in the head-to-head.

The Chase
Ryan stunned The Chase viewers by guessing his way to £50k (Credit: ITV)

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How did Ryan do on The Chase?

Ryan got two right in his cash-builder round, so chaser Paul Sinha put a low offer of £500 on the table and a high of £50k.

Looking at his options, Ryan admitted: “I don’t think I can do it, but I’m a gambler, so…

“I don’t feel confident for the 50 but you’re only here once, so I’ll go for it.”

The Chase
He didn’t know any of the answers (Credit: ITV)

Boldly, he went for the high and managed to guess every question right.

Host Bradley Walsh, gobsmacked, told him afterwards: “You should give up greyhound training and go into quizzing!”

Ryan joked: “Who needs knowledge when you can guess?”

“Tell you what mate,” Bradley said. “Don’t even bother staying for the final chase. Go out that door and get yourself a lottery ticket.”

What did viewers think?

The Chase
Bradley Walsh advised him to immediately go and buy a lottery ticket (Credit: ITV)

Reacting on Twitter, one viewer said: “I am DYING laughing at Ryan on #TheChase right now. Literally the most nonchalant bluffer in the world. Everything is, ‘I dunno, just a guess’. And he walks away with £50k. Considering he started off saying Hilary Clinton won the popular vote in 2000, this was gold.”

A second tweeted: “I liked the Sinner Man laughing in exasperation at each guess. #TheChase.”

“50k and every one a guess,” said a third stunned viewer with clapping emojis.

Another wrote: “Brilliant guess work on @ITVChase #TheChase.”

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“How did he guess all of them?” demanded a fifth.

“I’m actually buckled at that guy on the chase #TheChase,” laughed a sixth viewer.

Someone else put, alongside a clapping GIF: “When you go for the high offer on #thechase and guess every question correctly! @ITVChase.”

Another asked: “Who needs knowledge when you can guess?”

Ryan was in the final chase with his teammate Richard.

Unfortunately, the two of them set up just 14 for the chaser to beat and Paul Sinha caught them easily.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV

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