The Chase accused of being fixed

The Chase viewers unimpressed with Jenny Ryan’s ’embarrassingly easy’ questions

It's just the nature of the game!

Fans of The Chase couldn’t believe yesterday’s show (Thursday, June 11) as, they claimed, chaser Jenny Ryan was handed ’embarrassingly’ easy questions.

During the episode, The Vixen faced off against three members of the team in the final chase.

They set up a score of 16 for Jenny to beat and host Bradley Walsh said that while it “wasn’t bad at all”, the team would likely need some push-backs to win.

The Chase accused of being fixed
Some viewers thought Jenny Ryan got easy questions in the final chase (Credit: ITV)

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The first question Bradders asked her was: “What is 4×11?” and Jenny easily answered, “44”.

Another was: “Spermaceti wax comes from which whale?” and The Vixen answered correctly with “Sperm whale”.

Bradley Walsh in The Chase
One of the questions Brad asked was, “What is 4×11?” (Credit: ITV)

Bradley also asked her: “What was the name of Huey Lewis’ backing group in the ’80s?”. She got it right with: “The News.”

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In the end she caught the team with 23 seconds remaining.

And while she got four questions right, some watching at home felt The Vixen had been handed easy questions.

Embarrassing as a fair chance to win the pot of money.

Other viewers quickly shot back as the small minority obsessed with fix conspiracies took to their keyboards.

What did viewers say?

One viewer said on Twitter, alongside an eye-rolling emoji: “#TheChase another fixed show today. Chaser’s question – what’s 4×11!?”

Another argued: “I assume that you aren’t aware that the first question for both the team and the chaser is an easy one? You pick one question out of 23 or so that she faces? Why do you think that ITV would want to fix a quiz show? If nobody wins, nobody watches #TheChase.”

Jenny Ryan in The Chase
The Vixen caught the team with 23 seconds remaining (Credit: ITV)

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Someone else who was suspicious of the questions tweeted: “#TheChase Chaser question, ‘What is 4×11…’ #FFS @ITV really are taking the p, so fixed…”

A fourth said: “#TheChase an eight year old could’ve answered half those final chase questions. Embarrassing as a fair chance to win the pot of money.”

ED! contacted ITV for comment.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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