The Chase Jenny and Stephanie

The Chase viewers accuse Jenny Ryan of being ‘rude’ to contestant Stephanie

Stephanie got £4k in her cashbuilder round

The Chase star Jenny Ryan rattled some viewers on the ITV quiz show last night as they accused her of being ‘rude’ to a contestant.

Hopeful Stephanie got £4k in her cashbuilder before stepping up to face The Vixen.

The offers on the table were £1k, her own £4k or the high offer of £40k.

Stephanie got £4k in her cashbuilder round (Credit: ITV)

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Host Bradley Walsh asked which she would go for and Stephanie explained: “I’ve always said I’m never going to take the low, so £4k.”

Bradders replied: “That’s fine, that’s okay.”

The Chase quizzer Jenny told her never to say never regarding the lower offer (Credit: ITV)

What did Jenny Ryan say to The Chase contestant?

However, Jenny said: “I think that’s not quite the wise thing to do, the low offer is there to give you a bit more comfort and give you a much better chance of getting to the final. Never, ever say ‘never’, Stephanie.”

At that, Stephanie pulled a face and said: “Okay.”

I think that’s not quite the wise thing to do… never, ever say ‘never’.

In their head-to-head, the contestant evaded the chaser and afterwards, Jenny told the studio: “With respect to Stephanie, I feel there were a few that you totally guessed there.”

Stephanie admitted she had, replying: “Absolutely.”

But Brad said: “A guess is as good as anything, as long as you get back.”

Some The Chase viewers felt Jenny had been unnecessarily rude to Stephanie (Credit: ITV)

What did The Chase viewers think?

On Twitter, viewers thought Jenny’s comments were ‘rude’ and ‘unnecessary’.

One observed: “She gave Jenny such a ‘couldn’t give a [bleep]’ look then #thechase.”

Another tweeted, with a sad face emoji: “Bit rude, Jenny #TheChase.”

A third put: “Jenny can stop her little digs cos Stephanie is back #TheChase.”

A fourth wrote: “Jenny is gutted she won after that lecture #TheChase.”

“Why is Jenny being so rude to Stephanie and singling her out?” asked a fifth. “They’ve all guessed a few and taken the middle offer? #TheChase.”

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However, someone else responded: “Because it was a mediocre score, she passed on questions that she could have guessed, and £1k wouldn’t make that much difference to the final amount. It wasn’t simply down to the number of questions she answered.”

The original tweeter replied: “Even after she got through she made digs? It was rude and unnecessary. Doesn’t matter if she guessed, she still got through.”

ED! contacted ITV for comment.

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