The Chase Jenny Ryan, Bradley Walsh and Nicola

The Chase: Teacher contestant facing Jenny Ryan shocks viewers with school question blunder

The mistake 'unnerved' ITV viewers

The Chase featured Jenny Ryan on Tuesday but it was one of the contestants who got viewers talking.

In yesterday’s (January 19) episode of the ITV quiz show, one of the contestants was a supply teacher called Nicola.

Nicola faced Jenny Ryan on The Chase yesterday (Credit: ITV)

What happened before Nicola faced Jenny Ryan on The Chase?

When she stepped up to take on the cashbuilder round, Nicola stunned viewers when she got a seemingly simple question about schools wrong – despite working as a teacher.

Host Bradley Walsh asked: “What is the usual term that describes the area served by a school?”

Brad asked a question about schools (Credit: ITV)

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The time was ticking and Nicola looked like she had no idea, making a funny face before suggesting: “Playground?”

“Catchment area,” Bradders told her.

Nicola shocked viewers when she didn’t know the answer (Credit: ITV)

How did The Chase viewers react?

On Twitter, the blunder appeared to ‘unnerve’ a number of those watching at home.

One said: “As if Nicola on #thechase is a teacher… scary.”

Another wrote: “If this is the calibre of teachers in the UK today, our kids are doomed.”

A third said: “Oh dear, not a good advertisement for teachers there #TheChase.”

A fourth tweeted: “Nicola has justified that #homeschooling is a far better option than the teachers. I think her primary school pupils would have done better.”

A fifth said: “It really is unnerving that she is a teacher… #TheChase.”

How did Nicola do on The Chase?

Nicola got £2,000 in her cashbuilder and went for chaser Jenny Ryan’s low offer of £1,000.

Unfortunately, the Vixen still managed to catch her.

Jenny demolished three members of the team and caught the fourth in the final chase (Credit: ITV)

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The rest of the team performed just as poorly – and they also worked, or previously worked, in education, as they included a retired lecturer and a maths teacher.

Niall was the only one left by the end, playing for £7,000, and he set up 16 steps for Jenny to beat.

However, it wasn’t anywhere near enough – despite being a good score for a single player – and she caught him with 28 seconds remaining.

“That is a lesson for all you teachers out there,” Brad quipped at the end.

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