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The Chase: Anne Hegerty stuns viewers as she suffers ‘worst defeat’ to date

Contestants Robin and Cally won £12k between them

The Chase star Anne Hegerty stunned viewers yesterday when she suffered a crushing defeat in the final round.

During Thursday (January 21) afternoon’s episode of the ITV quiz show, two contestants made it to the final chase.

The Chase contestants Robin and Cally got to the final (Credit: ITV)

What happened with Anne Hegerty on The Chase?

By the end of the show, The Governess had caught two of the four team members, leaving Robin and Cally facing her in the final round.

They played for £12,000 and set up 12 steps for Anne to beat.

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However, despite the seemingly measly score, The Governess just couldn’t catch up.

The Governess just couldn’t catch the team (Credit: ITV)

There were a whopping 10 attempts at push-backs and Robin and Cally executed eight.

They won, taking home £6,000 each.

Host Bradley Walsh couldn’t believe what had happened, and told viewers he had never seen anything like it in all his time presenting the ITV series.

“That’s unbelievable…” he said, gobsmacked. “All the years on the show, never seen that.”

Cally and Robin went home with £6k each (Credit: ITV)

Anne’s ‘worst defeat ever’

He asked Anne, who didn’t seem too gutted, what she thought of the result.

And like a pro, Anne took it on the chin and congratulated the team, after admitting it was easily her worst ever defeat.

What a chase! How they’ve just beaten the chaser with a score of 12.

She said: “Erm, yes that was absolutely my worst defeat ever, so very well done you two…”

When Bradders asked why it had happened, she quipped: “You kept asking me things I didn’t know, and that never comes out well!”

The Chase host Bradley Walsh couldn’t believe what had happened (Credit: ITV)

What did ITV viewers say?

The result shocked The Chase viewers, as one said: “That final chase, wow, two contestants with a score of just 12 absolutely slaughtered The Governess, who ended up scoring a paltry five.”

Another tweeted: “@anne_hegerty, ‘Worse defeat ever’? Wow!”

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A third said: “What a chase! How they’ve just beaten the chaser with a score of 12, Anne Hegerty having a Weston super!”

Someone else put: “Anne’s having a shocker tonight, so unlike her. #TheChase.”

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