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The Chase: £100k final round sees contestant make ‘silly’ mistake

A tense finale

The Chase fans were on the edge of their seats last night as the one remaining contestant played for £100k.

On Wednesday (August 19) evening’s repeat episode of the ITV quiz show, just one of the four contestants made it to the final chase against quizzer Shaun Wallace.

the chase £100k
On The Chase, Andrea played for £100k (Credit: ITV)

What happened on The Chase and did the contestant win £100k?

Andrea decided to go for the high offer of £100k in her head-to-head with The Dark Destroyer.

She managed to make it back with the whopping six-figure sum and set up 12 steps for the chaser to beat in the final round.

When Shaun came back into the studio, he said: “She did fantastically well.”

Shaun heaped praise on Andrea for playing so well on her own (Credit: ITV)

While the quizzer played, one of his questions was: “Pigs Can Fly is the 2016 tour of what reformed boy band?”

Shaun answered, incorrectly: “Take That?”

Host Bradley Walsh, turning to Andrea for the push-back opportunity, told her: “Take your time.”

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She thought for a moment before answering: “Take That?”

“No, Shaun said Take That,” Bradders said, revealing the answer was ‘Busted’.

Reacting on Twitter, viewers were frustrated to see Andrea repeat Shaun’s answer, with some wondering if she was even listening to the chaser’s turn.

Nothing worse.

One said: “Nothing worse on #TheChase than when the chaser says an incorrect answer and then the idiot player repeats the answer that’s already been confirmed wrong.”

Another fumed: “You would think someone playing for £100k would listen to the chaser’s answer.”

A third wrote, with laughing emojis: “Just repeat the chaser then eh…”

Viewers frustrated

Someone else tweeted: “Shaun just said Take That! Why would you say it, you big galah? #TheChase.”

A fifth who foresaw the ending said: “Ah well, glad she will lose after that Take That, silly.”

“#TheChase [bleep] me did you hear Shaun say Take That?” demanded another.

“FFS Andrea,” wrote another viewer.

In the end, Shaun beat Andrea with 17 seconds remaining, after four push-back opportunities, only one of which was executed.

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Bradley said, afterwards: “For a single player to be taken down with only 17 seconds remaining, that’s really good. Well played, Andrea. I hope you’re not too disappointed.”

The contestant said: “No, it’s been a brilliant day and it’s another one off my bucket list.”

“You’ve got my undying respect, Andrea,” Shaun said, adding: “Well done.”

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