The Chase: Shaun Wallace told to ‘liven up’ by Bradley Walsh

The host accused The Dark Destroyer of sending viewers to sleep

The Chase star Shaun Wallace was chastised by Bradley Walsh as the host ordered him to “liven up”.

During Tuesday (November 17) afternoon’s episode, contestant Nicola was the last in her team to step up and face The Dark Destroyer.

Bravely, she opted for the higher offer and played in the head-to-head for a whopping £50k.

The Chase featured Shaun Wallace yesterday (Credit: ITV)

What did Bradley Walsh say to Shaun Wallace on The Chase?

At one point just before the head-to-head round on The Chase, Bradley Walsh took aim at Shaun and told him he needed to “liven up” as he was sending viewers to sleep.

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“Hell Nicola…” Shaun said languidly, as he sat down. “I’m about to nick all of Nicola’s money.”

Shaun Wallace seemed quieter than usual on The Chase (Credit: ITV)

But Bradley mocked him, drawling: “‘Hello Nicola…’

He added: “Half the country’s akip now, liven up! What’s the matter with you? Put some money on the table.”

The Chase host Bradley Walsh mocked The Dark Destroyer and told him to “liven up” (Credit: ITV)

Jenny Ryan mocks The Chase host over his age

Elsewhere on The Chase this week, Jenny Ryan left Bradley Walsh speechless after mocking his age.

During Monday’s (November 16) episode, the first of the team facing The Vixen had the question: “Who had the first album by a British act to reach Number One in the UK?”

Half the country’s akip now, liven up! What’s the matter with you? Put some money on the table.

The options were, A) Tommy Steele, B) Adam Faith or C) Cliff Richard.

Elizabeth got it wrong with Cliff Richard, as the answer was Tommy Steele, and Bradley claimed it was an easy one – although Jenny thought it was a “tough” question.

“You’re old enough to have bought it,” Jenny quipped, at which Brad simply stared at the camera – although Jenny found it hilarious.

The Vixen, Jenny Ryan, left Brad speechless by poking fun at his age (Credit: ITV)

ITV viewers desperate to see the new chaser

The same episode saw viewers vent their frustration on social media over the lack of a new chaser.

Since earlier this month, ITV has been teasing viewers with the prospect of seeing a ‘mystery’ chaser play on the show.

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The episodes now include a silhouette of a sixth quizzer, but since it first appeared on the show, viewers have had to make do with one of the five regulars – either Jenny, Shaun, Mark Labbett, Anne Hegerty or Paul Sinha.

Viewers are now calling on ITV to stop ‘taunting’ them and just hurry up and air the new chaser’s first episode.

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