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The Chase: Shaun Wallace stuns viewers as he runs out of time in ’10-year first’

Never happened to The Dark Destroyer before

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The Chase star Shaun Wallace ran out of time last night and grimaced as he admitted it had never happened to him before.

During Wednesday (November 11) afternoon’s episode, The Dark Destroyer was playing in a head-to-head round when he failed to give an answer in time.

Host Bradley Walsh couldn’t believe it and Shaun admitted it was a 10-year first, while it left viewers at home gobsmacked.

On The Chase, Bradley Walsh was surprised as Shaun Wallace timed out (Credit: ITV)

What question did Shaun Wallace run out of time on?

Bradders asked contestant John and chaser Shaun: “The source of which of these rivers is located in the Himalayas?”

The options were, A) Mekong, B) Euphrates or C) Ganges.

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“Chaser out of time!” Brad informed them, as Shaun didn’t pick an answer.

John went with Mekong, but the correct answer was Ganges.

Chaser Shaun Wallace said it was the first time he’s done it (Credit: ITV)

The presenter asked the chaser: “What would you have put?”

Shaun said: “The Ganges!”

Well I’m surprised because you’re normally akip at this time of day.

“I knew you were going to say that,” Brad told him.

“You know that’s the first time, in 10 years, I’ve ever done that?” Shaun said.

Bradley quipped: “Well I’m surprised because you’re normally akip at this time of day…”

Shaun’s slip-up stunned viewers.

Shaun Wallace
The Dark Destroyer said afterwards that he knew the answer (Credit: ITV)

What did The Chase viewers think of The Dark Destroyer’s slip-up?

Reacting on Twitter, one said: “Wow, chaser out of time.”

Another said: “Chaser out of time! That’s like a once-in-a-year thing!”

A third tweeted: “Out of time! When does that ever happen?”

Someone else wrote, “Chaser out of time” with a string of shocked-face emojis.

A fifth viewer wrote, “It’s not often the Chaser runs out of time on a question” and someone else agreed it was “odd”.

“The Chaser OUT OF TIME NOOOO WAYYY,” said another.

Last night’s episode of The Chase teased viewers and contestants alike with the possibility of seeing the new chaser play their first game.

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During an episode last week, the part of the show where Brad makes jokes about each of the chasers – before the team finds out which quizzer they’re facing – included a sixth ‘mystery’ chaser.

All viewers could see was the outline of an individual, but many were certain it’s former contestant Darragh Ennis.

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