The Chase Paul contestants

The Chase’s Paul Sinha ‘massacres’ contestants after they face ‘nasty’ questions

An easy win for The Sinnerman

The Chase star Paul Sinha destroyed two contestants the quiz show last night after they faced a particularly “nasty” set of questions in the last round.

The quiz master, 50, had little difficulty in completely ‘massacring’ his opponents during Monday (August 10) evening’s repeat episode on ITV.

The Chase Paul contestants
The Chase Paul contestants (Credit: ITV)

What happened with Paul Sinha and the contestants on The Chase?

By the end of the programme, just two of the contestants remained to face The Sinnerman in the final chase.

Up against him were Linda and Euan, who were playing for an incredible £64,000 between them.

The Chase Paul contestants
The Chase Paul contestants (Credit: ITV)

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But in the final chase, they set up a score of just 13 for the chaser to beat. And viewers at home thought they, unluckily, had a difficult set of questions to contend with.

Among those they got wrong were ‘What type of creature is an arctic grayling?’ and ‘What sort of school did Syvlia Young set up in Drury Lane in 1981?’ The answers were ‘fish’ and ‘stage’ respectively.

Host Bradley Walsh also asked them: “Which English King was known as Edward Longshanks?”

That was rough.

They replied, “Edward II?” but the correct answer was ‘Edward I’.

Afterwards, Bradders tried to reassure them by saying: “Don’t worry, don’t worry. 13’s been a winning score before. We will need some push-backs, there’s no question.”

Paul, when it was his turn, said sympathetically: “They needed a full house didn’t they.”

Unfortunately for The Sinnerman caught them with an easy 52 seconds remaining, after they got and executed just one push-back.

The chaser said, after winning: “I don’t think Linda and Euan will take offense when I say, neither of you are the greatest quizzers on the planet. You came here to play the game and you played it very well.

“Not only did you get back, but you gave me a scare by making me play to save £64,000. But you needed the other two back.”

The Chase Paul contestants
The Chase Paul contestants (Credit: ITV)

What did viewers think of Paul’s win?

Reacting on Twitter, some viewers thought the team’s questions seemed really difficult, while others said the pair had it “rough”.

“Those questions were nasty #TheChase,” said one.

Another tweeted: “I can’t help but think that the questions on @thechaseitv are so difficult now. It’s not TV anymore sadly because it’s always a wipeout.”

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A third wrote: “#TheChase that was rough.”

Someone else said, using the word that rhymes with pit: “What a [bleep] show #thechase.”

“Absolute massacre!” said a fifth viewer.

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