The Chase: Paul Sinha responds after contestant accuses him of ‘playing mind games’

The Sinnerman was on the show today

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The Chase star Paul Sinha clapped back at a contestant on the show today after they accused him of playing ‘mind games’.

During Monday (November 23) afternoon’s episode of the ITV quiz show, host Bradley Walsh welcomed in four new contestants to take on The Sinnerman.

Paul Sinha joined Bradley Walsh in The Chase studio today (Credit: ITV)

What happened on The Chase?

Paul failed to catch the first contestant, Fiona, after joking to throw her off: “I don’t have to imagine [what form I’m on today], I know, I’m absolutely brain dead. I have no idea what’s going on.”

After Fiona rejoined her teammates, Paul said: “Just let Fiona win. She’s got more of a chance of winning on her own, she’s such a good player, than she has with any of you three getting back and getting in her way… sacrifice yourselves and let her do her thing.”

The Chase contestant Geoff accused Paul Sinha of playing ‘mind games’ (Credit: ITV)

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And when the second, Ash, stepped up for his head-to-head round, Paul said: “What was interesting there is, I said you should all make way for Fiona and clearly when you started so well, you thought, ‘I’ll show the chaser’ – and then in the middle of your cash-builder you thought, ‘oh no he’s right’.”

He’s trying to play mind games with you, Ash, you’re much better than that, I know.

Paul advised Ash to take the low offer and his teammate Geoff, trying to reassure him, said: “He’s trying to play mind games with you, Ash, you’re much better than that, I know.”

Geoff was trying to reassure his fellow The Chase contestant Ash (Credit: ITV)

How did The Chase star Paul Sinha respond?

However, Paul got everyone laughing as he clapped back, telling them: “Geoff has accused me of playing mind games…

“Imagine playing mind games on a mind game show! He’ll be accusing me of answering questions next.”

The Chase star Paul Sinha clapped back with a hilarious response (Credit: ITV)

It follows an episode last week that saw one contestant admit he really didn’t want to play against Anne Hegerty.

And the man left Bradley stunned as he revealed exactly why he was hoping to face anyone but The Governess.

When Bradders asked Gareth which chaser he hoped would be on, the contestant said: “Honestly? Anyone but Anne Hegerty, because she reminds me way too much of my mother… I’d be scared of calling her ‘mum’ during the show!”

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Brad replied: “Really? That’s the first time anyone’s ever said that over the years. Usually they say she’s like my teacher or… but my mother, wow!”

Elsewhere, The Chase’s new quizzer is now part of the line-up.

Irishman Darragh Ennis made his debut on the programme last week, when he got off to a shaky start before finally taking down his first ever team – with just seconds to spare.

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