The Chase no new chaser, Jenny Ryan and Bradley Walsh

The Chase: New chaser Darragh Ennis ‘teases’ leave ITV viewers frustrated

Still no sign of the 'mystery' chaser

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The Chase has a new chaser on the way but viewers are frustrated that the sixth brainbox hasn’t yet featured on the show.

Since last week (Monday, November 9), the ITV programme has been teasing viewers with the prospect of a new quizzer.

The Chase is yet to show new chaser Darragh Ennis (Credit: ITV)

No new chaser for The Chase viewers

During the part of the programme where host Bradley Walsh makes jokes about each of the chasers, before the contestants know who they are facing, a silhouette of a ‘mystery’ chaser now appears on screen.

Since ITV first started showing the silhouette, viewers have had their hopes up about seeing the new chaser – only for either Jenny Ryan, Shaun Wallace, Anne Hegerty, Paul Sinha or Mark Labbett to walk into the studio.

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It happened again during today’s (Monday, November 16) episode, with Bradders teasing: “Maybe we’re playing our new mystery chaser!? Oooooooh.”

The Chase left viewers frustrated as it didn’t feature the new chaser (Credit: ITV)

Unfortunately, it was Jenny Ryan who appeared and took the chaser’s seat.

Viewers on Twitter accused ITV of ‘taunting’ them and begged the channel to either show the new chaser – who is reportedly former contestant Darragh Ennis – or stop the teasing.

Jenny Ryan was the chaser on tonight’s The Chase (Credit: ITV)

The Chase viewers hoping to see Darragh Ennis

One said, “When the new Chaser arrives” alongside a meme that read, ‘2000 years later’.

Another quipped: “#thechase It’s a lie, there is no mystery chaser. It is a ploy to make people watch every episode expecting to see them. Viewings increase.”

It’s gonna be bloody 2021 by the time the new Chaser is on!

A third fumed: “New chaser unveiling dragging on longer than a DFS sale #TheChase.”

A fourth wrote: “Judging by the reaction on here, I think we are all disappointed that we aren’t getting to see the new chaser #TheChase.”

Viewers accuse ITV of ‘taunting’ them

A fifth demanded: “Why are you taunting us with the ‘mystery new chaser’ #TheChase? Were all waiting to see a first performance from them! Instead we make do with #thevixen, still a good chaser tho, but itching to see the new one.”

Someone else tweeted: “I’m convinced this new chaser doesn’t actually exist #TheChase.”

The ITV show has been teasing viewers with a silhouette of the new chaser (Credit: ITV)

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“It’s gonna be bloody 2021 by the time the new Chaser is on!” fumed another, adding in caps along with angry emojis: “STOP TEASING US!”

“No new chaser,” said one. “They are taking the [bleep] #TheChase.”

“This is getting boring now,” another viewer said. “When does the new chaser come on? #TheChase.”

ED! contacted ITV for comment.

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