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The Chase: Viewers hail incorrect Jedi answer the ‘best ever’

Emily and Asif made it to the final chase

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The Chase viewers were in hysterics last night when a contestant incorrectly gave the answer Jedi to a religion question, with some calling it the ‘best ever’.

In Wednesday (September 23) evening’s episode of the ITV quiz show, chaser Jenny Ryan joined host Bradley Walsh in the studio.

Two members of the team, Emily and Asif, made it through to the final round.

The Chase Jedi answer
The Chase viewers were in hysterics over Emily’s ‘Jedi’ answer (Credit: ITV)

What happened with the ‘Jedi’ answer on The Chase

When it was their turn, one of the questions Bradders asked them was: “The Vedas are scriptures of what religion?”

Emily answered Jedi, which is the name of the monastic order in the Star Wars films. However, the correct answer was Hinduism.

The Chase
The correct answer was Hinduism (Credit: ITV)

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Reacting to the daft answer on Twitter, one viewer said: “Emily a proper savage with the Jedi answer, lmao. Oh my days. #TheChase.”

I nearly passed out when Emily said Jedi was a religion.

Another wrote: “Jedi! [bleeping] best answer ever! Bravo! #TheChase.”

A third said with crying laughing emojis: “Oh my days, I nearly passed out when Emily said Jedi was a religion #TheChase.”

“Vedas, Jedi religion,” said a fourth.

“Emily deserves an additional point for Jedi,” someone else put.

A sixth said, stunned: “She did not just say Jedi!”

Another called it “answer of the day” while someone else agreed: “The best [bleeping] answer ever.”

How did Emily and Asif do on The Chase?

Emily and Asif went on to set up a score of 18 for The Vixen to beat.

Jenny caught them with 15 seconds remain. The team had three chances to push her back, but executed only one.

“A valiant effort by the two of you,” Bradley said afterwards.

The Chase Jenny Ryan
Jenny Ryan was the chaser in Wednesday’s episode (Credit: ITV)

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Reflecting on the episode, Jenny said at the end: “Yeah, it was a good performance. 18 is a good score by a duo but if you’d had another body in the final, that was another point to start with and help with the pushbacks and maybe a couple of extra answers. That would’ve really, really pushed me.

“Still, you guys should be really proud of yourselves.”

– The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV

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