Paul Sinha on The Chase

The Chase: Viewers shocked by Paul Sinha’s performance

"Bad day at the office"

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ITV viewers were stunned last night watching Paul Sinha put in a “shocker” of a performance on The Chase.

During Monday’s (June 8) episode, the Sinnerman faced off against two, Marion and Paul, in the final chase.

It was an intense round of questions but in the end, the chaser failed to catch the contestants after giving a number of incorrect answers.

How much did the contestants take home?

Paul Sinha on The Chase
Fans thought Paul Sinha had a “mare” of a time on The Chase (Credit: ITV)

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As the teamed walked away with an impressive £6,500 each, viewers took to Twitter to react to Paul’s performance.

Some thought he looked “stressed” during the episode, while others joked he kept pulling his “constipation” face whenever he didn’t know the answer.

Paul Sinha on The Chase
The team defeated Paul in the final chase after he got a number of questions wrong (Credit: ITV)

Others called it a “bad day at the office” for the quizmaster.

How did viewers react?

One said on Twitter: “The Sinnerman is looking very stressed!”

Paul having a ‘mare.

Another wrote: “The Sinnerman was going into overdrive pulling his ‘I don’t know the answer’ constipation faces today!”

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A third claimed: “Paul has the worst winning rate #TheChase. £6.5k each not bad for an hours work.”

Someone else said: “Bad day at the office for Paul #TheChase.”

A fifth simply wrote: “Shocker, Paul.”

“Paul having a ‘mare #TheChase,” said another.

“[Bleeping] it up again there, Paul. #TheChase,” tweeted one viewer.

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Earlier this year, fans rushed to defend Paul Sinha after he made a spectacular mistake on Beat The Chasers.

Host Bradley Walsh asked the quizmasters: “What gas makes the drink cherryade fizzy?”

And Paul, lightning quick on the buzzer as he had been for the last few questions, answered: “Coca-Cola!”

The error immediately drew looks from his fellow chasers. After it aired, fans who couldn’t believe what they had heard commented on the blunder.

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