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Sunday 5th July 2020

The Chase fans slam contestant over ‘embarrassing’ question blunder

The quizzer was quizzed on the novels of George Orwell

The Chase viewers were left in disbelief over a contestant's answer to a question last night.

Ann went head-to-head with chaser Anne Hegerty, aka The Governess, after bagging £5,000 in her cash builder round.

At one point, Ann was quizzed on the novels of George Orwell.

Ann was quizzed on the novels of George Orwell (Credit: ITV)

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Host Bradley Walsh asked her: "How long is it in between the years in the titles of a Stanley Kubrick sci-fi film and a George Orwell novel? A. 17 years. B. 57 years. C. 107 years."

Ann chose 107 years, saying: "I think it’s Stanley Kubrick 2001 A Space Odyssey and I was thinking of 1854 the George Orwell novel. I know it’s not 1854 but I know it’s an 18.

"I’ll hope for the best."

When the correct answer was revealed as 17 years, Ann admitted: "This is so embarrassing."

The novel Ann was seemingly referring to is actually called 1984.

Viewers were quick to mock Ann's answer on Twitter and point out her mistake.

Viewers were quick to mock Ann's answer (Credit: ITV)

1854 and 2001 isn't even near 107 years.

One person wrote: "What a thick [expletive]. That famous George Orwell book 1854...."

Another said: "1854... That famous book by Orwell," while a third tweeted: "107 years!!! I [expletive] give up #TheChase."

A fourth added: "1854 and 2001 isn't even near 107 years. #TheChase," while another said: "You're right Ann, it is embarrassing. Who goes on a quiz show with no general knowledge?"

Ann was eventually caught by the chaser and didn't join teammate John in the final chase.

John and fellow player Phil made it through to the final chase, with £13,000 in the prize fund.

However, they were caught with just four seconds remaining on the clock, meaning they went home with nothing.

Meanwhile, on Thursday's edition of the game show, viewers branded contestant Deanne "disgraceful" and "shameless" when she opted to take the low offer.

After her fellow contestants Janice and Adam banked £10,000, Deanne took minus £1,000 which left the team with £9,000 between them, instead of £13,000 or more.

Deanne "disgraceful" and "shameless" when she opted to take the low offer (Credit: ITV)

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She told Bradley: "I really didn't want to do this. I've said all the time I didn't want to do this. But I'm here for the day and I want to join those two at the end. So, I'm going to take the minus £1,000."

One viewer wrote on Twitter: "Deanne didn't deserve a penny. Nothing annoys me more than people who go low."

Another said: "Yeah, enjoy your teammates cash, won't you Deanne?" while a third added: "She takes money away from the pot and now wants to take her share? Disgusting and disgraceful. Has she no shame or any shred of decency?"

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